Angel’s Envy Toast to the Trees Dinner

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Everyday Kitchen and Angel’s Envy partnered together to celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month. Chef Wajda hosted the Toast the Trees 4-Course Bourbon Dinner Experience on Sept. 23. This exclusive four-course, bourbon-inspired farm-to-table dinner was a limited-seating event that included a private bourbon tasting with the distillers of Angel’s Envy. 

  • Alicia Joos and Stephanie Slater-Roberts.

  • The Kentucky Castle Gals.

  • Tony Vardaro and Cheryl Farr.

  • Courtney and Jeff Groux.

  • Brittany Inge and Erika Figge.

  • Erica and Patience Field.

  • Chef Wadja presenting his 3D Valley Pork Loin Tramezzini.

  • Chef Wadja preparing the main course.