An Evening with Piper Madison

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

On Oct. 20, friends and family gathered at Rabbit Hole for an intimate evening with Louisville native Piper Madison to celebrate the release of her new album How Do I Love?

  • Piper Madison and Lennie Omalza.

  • Rhonda Keesee and Piper Madison.

  • Chad Broskey with Heyman Talent Agency and Piper Madison.

  • Vivian Stetzler and Piper Madison.

  • Don Brown and Patrick Keesee.

  • Rick Redding, Piper Madison and Paula Redding.

  • Kirby Adams and Piper Madison.

  • Piper Madison and Ashlea Spears.

  • Debra Locker Griffin, Piper Madison and Ashlea Spears.

  • Patrick and Rhonda Keesee with Piper Madison.

  • Piper Madison, Lee Ann Whelan and Alex Zoeller.

  • Piper Madison and Courtney Glenny.

  • Piper Madison.

  • Piper Madison.