An Evening with ExpertInjectors™

Photos by Bill Wine

CaloSpa helped guests, clients and friends prepare their skin for Derby season at an open house on March 22. Those in attendance enjoyed skincare assessments, mini-consultations, swag bags and more.

  • Priscilla Howell and Michelle Roos.

  • Angela Becker and Amber Turner.

  • Drs. Bradley Calobrace and Chet Mays.

  • Debbie Cornell, Martha Soley and Reba Katsampes.

  • Janice Hendricks, Jacqueline Grimm and Angela Becker.

  • Beth Hardesty and Laura Swenson.

  • Judy Royce and Kim Haverly.

  • Hilary Gunn and Jan Durbin.

  • Cathy Hendrix and Deanna Philpott.

  • Crystal Ludwig and Kim Haverly

  • Grace Stilger and Jeana Fleitz.

  • Cathy Schrank and Amber Turner.

  • Sherry Poppe and Kristen Klakulak.

  • Tammy Klapheke and Shannon Neely.

  • Beth Hall and Bridgett Etherton.

  • Emily Wilson and Rochelle Peak.

  • Marland Cole and Terryl McCray.

  • Linda Brown and Melissa Walker.

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