An Evening with David Nicholson Mayoral Candidate

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

​On September 29 a fundraiser for mayoral candidate David Nicholson was held at Lincliffe.The event was hosted by Steve Humphrey along with Terri and Steve Bass. Guests and supporters were able to mingle while enjoying the opportunity to speak with Nicholson.  

  • Rebecca Brown and Dr. Carmel Person.

  • Eric Hopkins and Mike Sheehy.

  • Gil and Remy Lamphere.

  • Tony Bellucci, Betsy Tyrell, and Kasey Maier with Kenny and Shelly Zegaer.

  • Steve Bass.

  • David Nicholson and Steve Bass.

  • David Nicholson.

  • David Nicholson fundraiser at Lincliffe.

  • David Nicholson fundraiser at Lincliffe.

  • David Nicholson fundraiser at Lincliffe.

  • John and Tracy Fischer.

  • Charles Stallworth, David Nicholson and Deborah Wright.

  • George and Deb Quill with Carol Summe and Kevin Walsh.

  • Steve Bass and Fritz Hollenbach.

  • Susie McKee and Neville Blakemore.

  • Wanda Baker and David Nicholson.

  • David Nicholson, Sara Michael Nicholson, Jimmy Nicholson and Nick Nicholson.

  • Mary Meiners, Tanisha Hickerson, Terry Meiners, Deborah Wright, Jennifer Leibson and Wanda and Thomas Baker.

  • Craig Scherman with Susan and Keith Inman.

  • Susan Nicholson and Sarah Nicholson with Elizabeth and Brent Boland.

  • Fred Cowan, Sharon Hall and Ted Steinboch.

  • Drew Jenkins and Anne Lindauer.

  • Rebecca and John Y. Brown III with Dr. Ajmal Zemmar.

  • Michelle and Jim Ellis.

  • Terri Bass, Emily Cohoon and Susie McKee.

  • Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey and Steve Humphrey with David and ___.

  • Ronnie Sheffer and Tom Armstrong.