An Evening of Jazz

Photos by Bill Wine

Jazz fans gathered at KCD Theater on August 18 for a reception and concert sponsored by Brown-Forman and LG&E. The Ansyn Banks Quintet performed a tribute to singer, composer and trumpet player Kenny Dorham. Ansyn Banks is a nationwide performer and professor of jazz trumpet at UofL.

  • 22nd Evening of Jazz.

  • Kiara Brewer, Trinity Wilson, Ana Figueredo Zamora and Nitisha Malhotra.

  • Christopher Morales, Regis Wilson, Austin Newland and Tanishq Malhotra.

  • Natasha Campbell, Sam Olayemi and Cai Barker.

  • Richard Wilson and Aria Brewer.

  • Estelle Campbell, Helen Hines, Audrey Burrell and Rose Haney.

  • Catherine Allen, Cylenthia Montgomery, Jimmy Houseal and Morgan Hanley.

  • Gerald and Kathy Neal with Bernadette and Ed Hamilton.

  • Josh and Sheryle Starnes.

  • 22nd Evening of Jazz.

  • Deborah Olayemi and Victoria Aborisade.

  • Ed and Bernadette Hamilton, Dan Dykstra and the Spirit of Excellence awardee Cathe Dykstra.

  • Member of the Lincoln Foundation Board Of Trustees Laura Douglas and President of the Lincoln Foundation Larry M. McDonald.

  • Aria and Kiara Brewer.

  • Event chair Sherlene Shanklin and Ed Hamilton.

  • 22nd Evening of Jazz.

  • Claude and Deborah Garnett.

  • Claude and Deborah Garnett with President of the Lincoln Foundation Larry M. McDonald.

  • Ian and Debbie Patrick.

  • Spirit of Excellence awardee Cathe Dykstra with Ian and Debbie Patrick.

  • Regis Wilson,Thomas and Deborah Williams,President of the Lincoln Foundation Larry M. McDonald and Austin Newland.

  • Faye Owens and Sam A. Walker.

  • Sherrolyn and William Duffy.

  • Al Cornish and Dr. Yvonne D. Austin.

  • 22nd Evening of Jazz.

  • The event venue was the KCD Theater.