Amelia Huneke and Parker Theobald Engagement Party

On July 21, friends of Amelia Huneke and Harold “Parker” Theobald celebrated the newly engaged couple at the home of Amelia’s brother, Cordt Huneke, and Jackie Scovill.

  • Chelsey Clark and Amanda Riff.

  • Selar Dezayee and Saran Davies.

  • Selar Dezayee, Jackie Scovill and Saran Davies.

  • Amelia Huneke with her Maid of Honor Amanda Riff.

  • Chelsea Myers, Amelia Huneke, Erica McCubbins and Chelsey Clark.

  • Amelia Huneke.

  • Amelia Huneke.

  • Amelia Huneke and Leah Joy.

  • Sarah Wagner and Erin Stevens.