Al Capone Night

Photos by Tim Valentino

On July 21, the Huntington’s Disease Society of America, Kentucky Chapter hosted an elegant, jazz-age affair in the iconic Rathskeller Room at The Seelbach Hilton. Guests donned their finest Prohibition-era attire and enjoyed entertainment from Billy Goat Strut Revue.

  • Billy Goat Strut Review.

  • Susan Dumeyer, Stephen Smuskiewicz, Pam Golladay and Ed Jewell.

  • Debbie and Gary Davis and Carla and Warren Stallard.

  • Susan Browne and Board Member Ben Browne.

  • Billy Goat Strut Review.

  • Paul and Liz Conn.

  • Elizabeth Rodes, Barbara Fulkerson and Patty Ruffra.

  • Tom Middleton, Dr Ann Mudd, Dave Gasbarro, Tina Powell, John Klarer and Leslie Mudd.

  • Derek Clark and Dale Kiggins.

  • Laura Cassidy and Lisa Forkner.

  • Dawn and Greg Manor.

  • John Klarer and Leslie Mudd.

  • Billy Goat Strut Review.

  • Billy Goat Strut Review.

  • Leslie Mudd and Dawn Manor.

  • John Klarer, Leslie Mudd, Bill Kirtley, Ericka and Steve Hartung and Dawn and Greg Manor.

  • Melissa and Jordan Copeland, John and Adrea Harris and Penny Bedan.

  • Louisville Flappers.

  • Sheri Gardner and Tara Blandford.

  • Patty, Elizabeth, Judy, Ann, Cathy, Lisa, Joanne, JoAnn, Karen and Shannan.

  • Mike, David, Greg, Scott, Tom and Dana.

  • Dana Reinhardt and Shannan Neal.

  • Lisa and Dean Crockett.

  • Billy Goat Strut Review.

  • Tom McMillan, Barbara Fulkerson and Jerry Smith.

  • Cathy Lush and David Mohr.

  • Billy Goat Strut Review.