After Hours at the Speed

The Speed Art Museum hosted its monthly After Hours party on Oct. 18. This month’s iteration included music by Brigid Kaelin, a murder mystery tour through the museum’s permanent collection and much more.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Christen Boone, Ted and Mary Nixon, Mark Wourms, Aldy Milliken, winner of the James Welch Sr. Arts Leadership Award Martha Slaughter, Doug Ballantine, Jane Welch, Jim Welch Jr., Carolle Jones Clay and Stephen Reily.

  • Jessica and Josh Griffin.

  • Lindsay and Matthew Schuhmann.

  • Josh Cohron and Emily Belwood.

  • Lisa Ewen, Woo Speed, Connie Simmons and Patty Kantlehner.

  • Allison O’Grady and Cathy Creek.

  • Karen Le Blond and Hazel Baker.

  • Julia Nesterova, Ali Farooqui and Joe Beaudette.

  • Christina Roges and Kristen Hiegel.

  • Erica and Patience Fields.

  • Rachel Nichols, Sarah Keating and Elaine Waller.

  • Brad and Nicole Klusman.