After Hours at the Speed

The Speed Art Museum hosted its monthly After Hours party on the evening of Aug. 16.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Beth Orberson, Laura Haydon and Nicole Pang.

  • Alana Garcia and Connor Feagin.

  • Erin Hargan and Lacy Ford.

  • Lynn Ogawa and DeAngela Hyte.

  • Brian Heese and Allie Dodson.

  • Angela Davis and Tammy Carpanini.

  • Melissa Born, Abbie Ewing, Joe Gollahon, Bill Hellman, Daniel Hutchins, Chad White and Jo Fante.

  • Nadia Melaisis and Caroline Wilson.

  • Liz Roach and Brian Smith.

  • Phil and Christie Wafford with Alison and Doug Roemer.

  • Sonjia Hudson and Janee Richardson.

  • Erin Pille and Cathryn Taylor.

  • Jo and Greg Fante.

  • Sophie Maier with the Louisville Free Public Library.

  • Sophie Maier and Di Tran with the Louisville Free Public Library.

  • Laurie Oppenheimer with Linda and Hunt Schuster.

  • Eileen Ryan and Mia Holder.

  • Daniel Hutchins, Abbie Ewing, Melissa Born and Joe Gollahon.

  • Andrea Neal, Karli Shannon and Tara Jeanty with Marriott.