After Hours at the Speed

On Aug. 17, the Speed Museum opened their doors for a particularly entertaining After Hours. WFPL’s “Strange Fruit” presented a lecture and Q&A, and performers from Play Louisville presented a thrilling drag show.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Jennifer Blair, Larry Shapin and Ladonna Nicolas.

  • Rebecca Terry, Nora Inman, Lisa Stemler, director of the Speed Art Museum Stephen Reily and Joyce Meyer.

  • Carl Bensinger, Sasha, Olivia, Tara Alfiero and Lura Astor.

  • Brett Howard, Patrick Hayden and Guthrie Zaring.

  • Dianna Dever and Christina Roges.

  • David and Valerie Casey.

  • Allie Moore and Amanda Hsieh.

  • Hannah Montgomery, Brittni Caudill and Jessica Eslinger.

  • Emma Scott Pridham and Adam Creech.

  • Glynnis Bernier-Clarke, Rachel Wurfel and Aubree Bernier-Clarke.

  • Brian Taylor and Beth Freibert.

  • Michael Gruver and Shelby Oney.

  • Liz Morse and Lindsay Miller.

  • Gary and Belle Taylor.

  • Emma Braden, Savannah Rasco and Angel Payne.

  • Susan Dallas, Amanda Storment and Joanie Allgeier.

  • Fritz Kramer, Larry Shapin, Ladonna Nicolas, Joyce Meyer, Lisa Stemler, Jim Gillespie and Joanne Caridis.

  • Allen Bryant, Chelsae Ketchum, Sille Veilmark and Adam Hesham.

  • Ann Harsin, Sarah Welsh and Kelly Shambaugh.

  • Pam Nicholson, Christina Kennedy and Myron Hoffman.

  • Eve Zartman-Ball, Phelicia Ball and Alexa Zartman-Ball.

  • Susan Lepping and Sue Davidson.