Acting Up with a Twist

Benefiting Commonwealth Theatre Center, this night of play for grown ups took place on June 1. The party included games, live theatrical performances, dance contests and more. Proceeds benefit Commonwealth Theatre Center as they provide financial aid for young people to participate in CTC’s life-changing theater programs.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Alison Huff and Lindsay Chamberlin.

  • Debbie Eger and Marilyn Givan.

  • Chris Humphreys and Gretchen Bell.

  • Gretchen Bell.

  • Kevin and Amber Burke.

  • Jamie Neal and Kevin Hyde with Amber and Kevin Burke.

  • Kevin McGloshen.

  • Candice McGloshen and Christy Russell Read.

  • Todd Read.

  • Margaret Phillips, Meg Caudill and Stephanie Bingham.

  • Kevin and Mera Corlett.

  • Angel Kean.

  • Angel and Gerry Kean.

  • Elea Fox and Gretchen Hunt.

  • Jamie and Kelley Cox with Don Durs.

  • Brigid Kaelin and David Caldwell.

  • Kristie Rolape.

  • Marshall Kaelin and Jenny Hohman.

  • Todd Read with Kevin and Candice McGloshen.

  • Tom Schulz, Kelly Moore and Heather Burns.

  • Chuck Stephens, C.T. Fox and Marty O’Toole.

  • Don and Whitney Durs.