70 Years of Arts Celebration

Fund for the Arts celebrated their 70-year legacy with a night of entertainment at the Brown Theatre on Jan. 29. Arts supporters, board members, community leaders, volunteers and donors gathered together to see performances by several artists and arts organizations from around Louisville. The event was emceed by The Voice’s own Angie Fenton and attended by more than 700 guests.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • LG&E President and CEO Paul Thompson paints with artist Victor Sweatt.

  • David Nichols, Mo McKnight Howe and Scotty Howe.

  • Nancy Tafel and Paul Lenzi.

  • Melanie Minteer, Micah Chandler and Bobbi Carlton.

  • Hilary Brown and Carlisle Baker.

  • Barbara Lynne Jamison and Sandra Wu.

  • Karen Williams and Victoria Russell.

  • Harriette Friedlander and Eulalie Fee.

  • Semon Haines, Deathra Shipley, Stefni Powell and Theola Little.

  • Bobbi Carlton and Melanie Minteer.

  • Edgardo Mansilla and Antigona Mehani with Americana World Community Center.

  • Steve Wilson and Laura Lee Brown.

  • Mary Ida and Larry Gray.

  • Amia Mosey and Dave Christopher Jr.

  • Diane Medley, Lacey Smith, Barbara Sexton Smith and Scott Smith.

  • Miriam Nally, Alison Brotzge-Elder and Erin McKinney.

  • Bob Connolly, Lynn Dunbar Bayus, Jeanne Freibert, Bob Hallenberg, Craig Scherman and Susan Hallenberg.

  • Damaris Phillips and Darrick Wood.

  • Damaris Phillips and Darrick Wood.

  • Janae Hall signs a Fund for the Arts umbrella held by Heather Tomko.

  • Sarah Stalker and Darlene Whitney.

  • Lee Mai with CirqueLouis.

  • Juergen Tossmann and Ken Clay.

  • Jason and Laura Zachariah with Fund for the Arts Vice President J.P. Davis.