2021 Virgil Christian Tribute Polo Match

Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Oxmoor Farm hosted guests on July 10 to enjoy polo and tailgating at this 20th annual polo match event. Proceeds benefited Maryhurst, the oldest child welfare nonprofit in Kentucky serving children and families who are hurting.

  • Ensley Ogden, Hunter Weinburg, Lauren Ogden, and Stella Zdobylak with Eloise and Bea Weinberg.

  • Lauren Coury, Tom Mueller and Elizabeth Wester.

  • Rowan and Cait Walker with Steve Gray.

  • Leslie and John Smart with Kim Klein.

  • Susan and Sonny Smith, Tammy Mott, Bill Mott and Russ Scott.

  • Penelope Brisson, Megan Bartley and Michele Fischer.

  • Jackie Evans and Courtnay Greenberg.

  • Charlie Blocker, Tom Shelby and Danny Tafel.

  • Angela Tafel, Shannon Blocker and Fiona Starks.

  • Molly Boland, Heather Rockwell and Beth Willis.

  • Vanessa Newsome and Christine Laster.

  • Mary Cater and Diane Watts-Roy.