2019 Cabbage Patch Auction

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House hosted their annual auction on Sept. 26 at The Olmsted. Funds raised help the organization continue their work serving at-risk youths and their families through purpose-driven programs.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Jennifer Scott with Diane and Mark Kennedy.

  • ​Susan and Chris Staples.

  • ​Angela and Ken Hagan.

  • ​Frankie Lewis and Jesse Hendrix.

  • ​Frankie Lewis and Jesse Hendrix.

  • ​Mike and Brittany Lutke.

  • Ray and Amy Scholtz with Susan and Mark Pfeifer.

  • ​Julie and Fred Davis with Susan and Chip Snyder.

  • Frances Scholtz and ​Paige Reinstine.

  • ​Richard and Karen Meyer with Mark Kennedy and Randy Bloch.

  • LaKa Wilson and Lisa Niehaus.

  • ​Larry, Michelle and Sue Rueff.

  • Valerie Hall and Buff Fallot.

  • ​Elaine Wells and Rebecca Glauber.

  • ​Janet and Tom Raderer.

  • ​Cabbage Patch Executive Director Tracy Holladay with Mollie and Steve Smith.

  • Carol Gray and Linda Rudloff.

  • ​James and Lashae Higdon.

  • ​Alexis Kippes, Laura Graves and Kasi Hilton with Humana.