2017 Pie Auction

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

On Sunday, November 19, The Kosair Shrine Center hosted this sweet and satisfying event. Those in attendance bidded on a number of delicious desserts in live and silent auctions to “bake a difference” in the lives of Kosair Kids®.

  • Kaitlin White and Stephanie Smith.

  • Madelynne and Debbie Myers.

  • Christy Brotzge and Erin Johnson.

  • Matt Brotzge, Tracy and John Burgin.

  • Karen Rabalais, Susan Keller and Mona Hoyle.

  • Madelynne Myers.

  • Richard and Kim Blinkhorn.

  • Kate, Shelly and Larry Brotzge.

  • Steppi Walters and Vicky Weber.

  • John and Tracy Burgin.

  • Jessica Devine and Katie Magers.

  • Warren and Stephanie Bobzinn.

  • Carol Sewell and Jo Barrett.

  • Brady Johnson, Luke Brotzge and Mikey Martinez.

  • Nancy Shircliff, Grace Parker and Sarah Huggenberg.

  • Matt Brotzge, Robert Hart and Dwight Maddox.

  • Cindy Collier, Allan Parnell, Craig Scherman and Brad Broecker.

  • Reba Doutrick and Randy Coe.

  • Charlie, Sam, Ellie Kate and Jana Cook.

  • Susan Kiper and Kyle Wheatley.

  • Emcee Lawrence Smith and Auctioneer Allan Parnell.

  • Madelynne Myers.

  • Allan Parnell.

  • Kim and Richard Blinkhorn.

  • Luke Brotzge.