13th Annual Bacchanal: Supernatural

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

On Nov. 6, the 13th Annual Patron Circle hosted The Bacchanal Supernatural at the Speed Art Museum. Guests donned their otherworldly attire through a cross-dimensional experience with paranormal libations, music, and company – both living and dead—the themed beverages from Wiltshire at the Speed and a Heaven Hill Apothecary Lounge.

  • Steven Boling, Andrew Crocker and friends.

  • Liz Bingham and Ryan Rogers.

  • Bart and Deborah Greenwald with Gail and Mark Oppenheimer.

  • Tracie Kessling and Cheryl Bierbaum.

  • Kristy Rust, Laura Crahan, Melissa Horton and Lynn Hasson.

  • Lindsay and Brooks Fowler with Brett and Samantha Corbin.

  • Paul and Karen Casi.

  • Guy Tedesco and Alex Hepfinger.

  • Mattie Brown, Catie Gragg, Jackie Rosky and Laura Rosky-Santoni.

  • Shelly Ann Kamei, Raphaela Platow and Alan Kamei.

  • Bob Uhl, Arlette McDaniel, Annie Lohr, Eska and Phil Koester and David Lohr.

  • Neville Blakemore, Tonya York and Warren and Judit Manning.

  • Alex Hepfinger, Rebecca Zamanian and Vanessa Cantley.

  • Lynnie Meyer and Peter Wood.

  • Sekou Charles and April Taylor.

  • Karen Tate, Amanda Haas and Sterling Franklin.

  • Amaelle Alami, Daniel Forero and Shane Fisher.

  • Lashanda Avery and Kassandera Kenemore.

  • Rishabh and Lopa Mehrotra with Bali Chainani and O'Malley Dreisbach.

  • Dr. Glynita Bell and Darryl Young Jr.

  • Brent Dierson, Billy Watkins and Andrew Crocker.

  • Liz Bingham and Alex Narramore.

  • Dana Darley Daily and Joe Daily.

  • David McGuire, Regan Atkinson, Ali Longmire and Shawn Hadley.

  • Stephen and Sandra McCreary.

  • Eric Stout and Oremeyi Kareem.

  • Ryan Rodgers, Mike Hall and Liz Bingham.

  • Alex Narramore and Alex Hepfinger.