100 Wise Women

Photos by Bill Wine

The Leadership Louisville Center hosted this inspiring breakfast event on Tuesday, November 28 at the Olmsted. Keynote speakers and sisters Tammy York-Day and Tonya York-Dees shared stories of their professional success and philanthropic impact with empowered women from throughout the region.

  • Diane Cornwell and Kelley Bight.

  • Crista Steinrock and Suzy Gessner.

  • Eleanor Renfroe, Smith Rodes and Jennifer West.

  • Genny Wenta and Angela Bailey.

  • Kellie Johnston and Kate Brackett.

  • Andrea Farris Schnurr and Maggie Kapp.

  • Cathe Dykstra, Denise Spalding and President, Leadership Louisville Cynthia Knapek.

  • Jackie Ford and Tiffany Cardwell.

  • Roberta Steutermann and Lana Toler.

  • Natalie Brown and Shannon Adkins.

  • Pam Klika and Lori Dougherty.

  • Maggie Kapp and Emily Digenis.

  • Ellie Gregorowicz, Mallory Phillips and Amy Swenson.

  • Vikki Smiley Stone and Tabetha Stansbury.

  • Diane Kirven and Lea Ann Vessels.

  • Angie Sullivan and Crista Steinrock.

  • Vice President of Leadership Louisville Center Holly Prather,Jessica Nicholson and Mary Beth Harlamert.

  • Metro Councilwoman Angela Leet, Marita Willis and Jan Van Zant

  • Christen Boone and Metro Councilwoman Angela Leet.

  • Tanisha Hickerson and JP Davis.

  • Metro Councilwoman Angela Leet and Lori Dougherty.

  • Nikki Grizzle and Courtney Glenny.

  • President, Leadership Louisville Cynthia Knapek.

  • 100 Wise Women.

  • The keynote speakers were President, York Consulting Tammy York Day and President, York Management, Inc. Tonya York Dees.