What Men Want

Do you ever wonder what men are really thinking or what they truly want out of life? So do we. That’s why we spoke with five men from different professions and backgrounds to find out what they dream of doing, what really matters to them and so much more. Before you dive into this feature, however, it’s worth noting that we did not ask them about love or dating (after all, that’s none of our business). We just wanted to know what makes them happy, what they dream of accomplishing and what matters most to them in the other areas of their lives.

While perusing their answers, we learned that each of these successful gents has a different perspective on life and happiness. All of them have achieved prosperity, but they haven’t forgotten who helped them get there. These men are thankful for their parents, children, spouses and other loved ones who helped them earn what they have today.

So we hope you enjoy delving into the minds of these five guys and will take something away from the information we’ve gathered. For men reading this, maybe learning about the successes and dreams of these five guys will inspire you. For women, maybe you’ll think about asking the men in your life some of these same questions. Either way, sit back and enjoy the discovery of what men want.

David Grantz

Profession: Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

Business: BUZZ Advertising

Degree: Bachelor of Science (Journalism/Public Relations)

Alma mater: Ball State University

Boards, volunteer and community work: Our advertising agency represents two non-profit organizations, Susan G. Komen Kentucky and The Feed My Neighbor Program that benefits the Sandefur Dining Room.

Tell us what you want out of each of the following. Dream big and define your ultimate wish:

Drink: Old Rip Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 23-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Meal: 12 course meal with wine pairing at Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy

Vacation: Valras Plage, near Beziers in the South of France and then off to the Amalfi Coast in Salerno, Italy

Man Cave: My bar would be stocked with the very best Kentucky bourbons, Italian wine, English gin, Russian vodka and French Champagne.

Toy: 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Technology: A trip around the world with Elon Musk in his Space X Dragon spacecraft

Car: Rolls-Royce Sweptail

Boat/Plane: Gulfstream G650

Clothing item: Black custom Italian suit by Brioni 

Timepiece: Cartier Rotonde de Cartier men’s watch 

Night out with friends: Attend the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby with twelve of my closest friends and then party it up in the penthouse suite of the downtown Louisville Omni Hotel.

Night out romantic: For the ultimate romantic evening, I would start with a long walk down the beach of Santorini, Greece. Just before sunset, I would charter a private cruise to take us around the island. We would dock in Oia, Greece for an authentic Mediterranean dinner and a bottle of wine. It doesn’t get much better than that!

What’s something you’ve wanted most in life that you’ve achieved? In the spring of 2014, I bought a commercial building on historic Frankfort Avenue for our advertising agency. We then took twelve months renovating the 135 year old building from top to bottom, inside and out.

What’s something you want that you’re still striving for? One day, I would like for our advertising agency to represent The PGA of America with a U.S. held Ryder Cup marketing campaign.

Tell us anything else that you want Voice-Tribune readers to know about you: None of my success would be possible if it wasn’t for the support, generosity and love of my two parents, Tony and Carol Grantz. They are the best two people that I know.

Jon Mand

Profession: Real Estate Broker

Business: Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Alma mater: Purdue University

Boards, volunteer and community work: Make-A-Wish and St. Francis in the Fields

Tell us what you want out of each of the following. Dream big and define your ultimate wish:

Drink: Bulleit Old Fashioned

Meal: Cowboy ribeye and a baked potato

Vacation: Anywhere with my family on a lake

Man Cave: Airplane hangar with a fully stocked bar

Toy: CZ Tactical Sport Orange

Technology: Always looking for the latest and greatest Google phone. It keeps me organized!

Car: Happy with what I have, love my LR4

Boat/Plane: Pilatus PC-12. It’s got the perfect blend of utility and comfort.

Clothing item: A great leather belt will last you a lifetime

Guilty pleasure: Craft beer, particularly double IPAs

Night out with friends: A bourbon bar or the Holy Grale

Night out romantic: Dinner at Jeff Ruby’s with a sunset flight with my amazing wife

What’s something you’ve wanted most in life that you’ve achieved? Flying my family on vacation in our own plane. That’s been a lifelong dream of mine and it felt great to have it realized.

What’s something you want that you’re still striving for? I’d like to start adding commercial properties to my investment real estate portfolio. I haven’t found the right opportunity yet, but I’m always looking.

Tell us anything else that you want Voice-Tribune readers to know about you: I’m an honest and hard working broker that enjoys helping people find a place to call home and loves the challenge of selling homes.

Brian S. Merkley

Profession: Third Generation Jeweler

Business: President, Merkley Kendrick Jewelers

Degree: Mass Communication – Photojournalism

Alma mater(s): Loyola University New Orleans and Trinity High School

Boards, volunteer, and community work: Our store engages with various local charities and charitable events throughout the year.  Most recently we have loved serving as a title sponsor for Wine Women & Shoes benefiting Family Scholar House and CRAFT benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Tell us what you want out of each of the following. Dream big and define your ultimate wish:

Drink: It depends on the environment. I enjoy having the opportunity to sip champagne with my celebrating clients or perhaps toss back a beer or two on a hot day with friends on a kayaking trip. But as a Kentuckian through and through, I love a glass of bourbon on the rocks, preferably with one of those big ice cubes that are so hip right now.

Meal: Anything served at a table surrounded by the people I love is a win. More specifically, if you want to make my favorite meal, just be sure to include steak frites.

Vacation: Privacy. A remote beach off the grid. No smart phones, no computers and no technology. Only palm trees, blue water, and a consistent breeze and two weeks of down time when I reconnect with my loved ones. The only acceptable interruption being the crash of waves or the occasional rustling of a hand rummaging through the cooler for a cold drink.

Office: Fun, friends, and diamonds; what could go wrong? Our office culture is like a second family to me. We work, play, support, and celebrate daily, and they don’t seem to mind wearing the jewels either. I couldn’t ask for a better team and environment.

Technology: I have a phone. You read the vacation part, right?

Car: Toyota Land Rover

Boat/Plane: I grew up going boating with my family, and I love being on the water to this day. My dream boat would be a Wally. The best-of-breed design and precision engineering is synonymous with Rolex which is refreshing. As for planes, we have been fortunate to participate annually in the Out of the Blue Jet Show. This event has provided the opportunity to spend time in many top-of-the-line private jets, and while I may never own one, it’s fun to see how the high rollers travel.

Clothing item: I wear a suit everyday, and while some days it feels like a uniform, I always try to switch it up. Some of my go-to accessories include vintage cuff links, a standout timepiece, funky socks and fun ties. When I’m not at Merkley Kendrick, you can find me in jeans and t-shirts. But one thing is certain: you will never find me without a Rolex.

Timepiece: Well, a Rolex of course. I’m longing for my father’s yellow gold, Day-Date Rolex President. I gave it to him as a gift when he retired in recognition of his 50 years of work at Merkley Kendrick Jewelers. The watch is a worldly classic that stands the test of time, but more importantly, this timepiece symbolizes of our family’s jewelry tradition.

A night out with friends: Back to the off-the-grid plan: a relaxing night in with my friends and our kids, great food (takeout from The Post), great wine, great conversation and no phones. All outdoors if the weather permits.

A night out romantic: Does a day of kayaking count as a romantic night out? I like spending time doing fun and challenging things with people to keep our physical and intellectual spirits high. Although, floating on the river and relaxing is always welcome as well.

What’s something you’ve wanted most in life that you’ve achieved? My children are the light of my life. I’m so proud of them and the people they are becoming day after day, year after year. On a personal note, I have the unique opportunity to share in the most romantic, most loving moments of people’s lives. From engagements, special milestones, ‘just because’ gifts and tokens of appreciation, my team and I get to be part of it all. I’m proud to be able and help someone find the perfect gift. This role of trusted advisor is one of my greatest professional achievements and one that will never be taken lightly.

Morgan Bateman

Profession: Aesthetic Medicine, Certified Master Injector, Advanced Cosmetic Injection Trainer, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Business: Myo Rejuvenation Med Spa in Elizabethtown

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia

Alma mater: Texas Wesleyan University

Tell us what you want out of each of the following. Dream big and define your ultimate wish:

Drink: Ginger Ale

Meal: Sushi

Vacation: My favorite vacations are in the mountains, tucked away with some snow and a fire.

Man Cave: Our home is our sanctuary. Every room is filled with art, hobby space and personal treasures. We have no desire to escape each other, so our entire home is a living room. My favorite space has a fireplace with a huge cozy couch and a big television. Add good friends, family and laughter to our living room and it’s perfection.

Office: We are so fortunate to be able to expand to a larger location this fall, so I’m very excited to have a more efficient workspace that will allow us to help even more people.

Toy: I am somewhat of a nerd. My favorite toys are the different devices in our office like: CoolSculpting, Ultherapy, Hydrafacial MD, and of course, my cabinet of injectables. On some nights my husband and I sneak in after hours to play with the devices and use them on ourselves.

Car: Tesla. I’m in love with Elon Musk and his world-changing innovations.

Timepiece: Apple Watch

Guilty pleasure: Takeout + Husband + couch + The Bravo Channel (ideally, The Real Housewives or Andy Cohen) = my perfect guilty pleasure

Night out with friends: What I love about our friends is that they’re also entrepreneurs. They understand the struggles and victories of running a business. What I love the most are the nights where we spend hours over dinner discussing our dreams and bouncing ideas off of each other.

Night out romantic: My husband and I love nothing more than a low-key night driving through Louisville, grabbing dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then searching for our next decorative piece at HomeGoods or Z Gallerie. To us, that’s romantic and what brings us closer after a busy week.

What’s something you’ve wanted most in life that you’ve achieved? Stability, not only romantically, but also in a career that I love and look forward to doing every single day.

What’s something you want that you’re still striving for? The ability to vacation across the world three or four times a year. That’s a lot of wishful thinking, but I’ve learned that nothing is impossible to those who work hard and believe in the power of their dreams.

Lee Corbett, MD

Profession: Plastic surgeon

Business: Corbett Cosmetic Aesthetic Surgery and MedSpa

Degree(s): B.A., M.D.

Alma mater(s): Vanderbilt University, University of Louisville School of Medicine

Boards, volunteer, and community work: Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Tell us what you want out of each of the following. Dream big and define your ultimate wish:

Drink: Can’t beat a cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso

Meal: Indian or Thai, the hotter the better

Vacation: Anywhere in Europe, especially London

Toy: My 1987 right hand drive Land Rover Defender. When it’s not in the shop, it’s a lot of fun.

Car: I love Porsches.

Clothing item: Whatever it is, it has to be comfortable. I guess that’s why I’m in scrubs a lot.

Guilty pleasure: Travel. I love exploring new places with no set plans. I figure it out as I go.

Night out with friends: Nothing better than grabbing beers with good friends.

What’s something you’ve wanted most in life that you’ve achieved? Professionally, getting accepted into medical school and then being able to get a plastic surgery residency. It was a LOT of work but well worth it. Personally, watching my two boys grow into successful young men!

What’s something you want that you’re still striving for? I’m always in pursuit of being the best surgeon ever!

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