Trey Lewis Keeps His Head Up

Trey Lewis and Damion Lee are the poster guys for what most UofL fans perceive to be the injustice of the school imposed postseason ban. The two fifth-year seniors came to UofL with the dream of playing in the NCAA tournament. Now, with an ongoing NCAA investigation continuing, they will spend March at home. The Cards final game of the season will be March 5 at Virginia. Lewis, whose responses are below, scored 11 points in UofL’s 72-65 loss at Duke on Monday night. It was the 1000th game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke is 844-156 all-time in the arena. The No. 13 Cards visit Notre Dame on Saturday at 4 p.m.

How fun was that environment to play in?
It was a fun environment. It was really fun to see the crowd that hyped. We barely could hear ourselves out there on the floor. It was definitely a fun atmosphere to play in.

Trey Lewis. Photo by ADAM CREECH

Trey Lewis. Photo by ADAM CREECH

When you came back and took the lead again, was there a sense that you guys were in good shape?
We started to lock defensively and make some key stops and had a little run ourselves, but they made some big plays. You’ve got to give Duke a lot of credit.

Duke’s Luke Kennard hit a shot that it looked like he just got lucky with. Was it just their night?
A few of them were like that, and so it was just unfortunate that those went in. But that’s part of the game too. The only part I’m happy about is that we get to play them again at our house.

How emotionally draining have the last few days been for you?
There’s been a lot going on in our minds as a team, but when you’re inside those lines, you forget about that – you’re playing out there. It hurts not to come away with that win.

Now you’ll get a couple of days to back away. Is that a good thing?
You get a couple of days, that’s gonna be good, but we’ve got to get right back focused for the next one.

I’m sure you’ve at least heard about all the overtime battles between UofL and Notre Dame over the years?
They’ve had some really great battles in the past, so I’m happy to be a part of that atmosphere too. Every one of these games that we play on the road is going to be preparation for the next.

Is winning the ACC regular season championship the primary goal for this team?
Yeah, we want to finish strong. That’s our goal – we want to win every game from here on out, and it’s gonna start with Notre Dame.

You’ve heard about people starting a petition with thousands of signatures. Is there any reason to believe that they may help overturn the postseason ban?
We have unbelievable support right now. Everybody knows that what happened to us is not fair. It’s an injustice, and when people believe in a cause, they’re going to stand behind us. And so they’re doing what they can do, and I’m happy they’re doing what they’re doing.

So that hope is still in the back of your mind?
Yeah, that’s my hope. Just that people see – people are raising up and standing up for what they believe and that’s what I want to see.

If it doesn’t happen, what do you want to get out of these last seven games?
Just the experience of playing the ACC, enjoying these last seven games with my teammates. This is a special team and I just want to enjoy each moment with them. We know that we could have been one of those top teams at the end of March; we know how good we can be. It’s unfortunate what happened to us, but I just want to enjoy these last few games. VT