The Highlands is Home

By Tonya Abeln

Photos by Tim Valentino

Many people associate the Highlands with fun night life, entertainment and some of the best restaurants in the city. That all, of course, remains true, but Chuck Woodall, president of the Original Highlands Neighborhood Association wants the broader community to realize that it is so much more. Through the recent Original Highlands Home Tour, local residents from Rufer to Broadway and from Baxter to Barret put on a display that proved that the architecture and design of the Highlands is as diverse as the people who inhabit them. “We have an eclectic group of homes including shotguns, bungalows and proud Victorians, small and large,” Woodall describes. “The hidden secret is the original Highlanders living here. They cover every age group and background represented in Louisville.” A secret no longer, we peeked inside some of the homes and personalities of these Highlanders. 

Michael and Mary Culbertson:
1502 Highland Ave.

Mary Culbertson and her sister, Susan Haggblom, run an interior design company called Centered Interiors out of her home in the Highlands. “The homes in this area have evolved through multiple time periods,” Mary explains. “Things continually get updated and details get lost. Within these homes is a great opportunity to maintain old charm while adding new flare. There is a unique balance that can be found through that transitional design.”

Randy Wolf: 1505 Morton Ave.

“With each project, I had one guiding principle: to make it compatible with a modern lifestyle while respecting the home’s historical context. I have done 100 percent of the work myself – most with no prior experience and the greatest compliment I received was when asked if the cabinets and built-ins were original.”

James Corne and Sara byron-corne: 1437 Morton Ave. 

“We got pretty obsessed with the Danish idea of hygge after geting married in Coppenhagen and have tried to recreate that feeling in our home. We wanted it to be a place that made everyone smile with our quirky, happy art and decor.”