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For Dr. Sean Maguire, plastic surgeon of the Physician’s Center for Beauty, the arts are part of who he is. Dr. Maguire grew up in the southwest region of the United States, living with a father who was a conductor, composer and musician and a mother who was a professional ballerina. “We would go to the symphony virtually every weekend,” Maguire recalls. “I grew up in that culture, and it’s always been a part of my life.”

Dr. Sean Maguire.  Photo by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer.

Dr. Sean Maguire. Photo by TIM VALENTINO | Contributing Photographer.

Although for his livelihood he operates his medical skin care and spa center – he has not let his passion for the arts dull in adulthood. Instead Maguire is expanding upon it by acting as the title sponsor of for CenterStage’s current production of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Maguire first became involved with the theatre company, which operates out of the Jewish Community Center, when Jason Tumulty, his practice manager, introduced him to CenterStage a few years ago. Since then, Maguire has seen a number of shows and been greatly impressed by the caliber of theatre being produced.

“I was just blown away by the quality, by the talent!” he exudes of his first time seeing a CenterStage production. “I was just very impressed with the quality for such a small, community theatre.”

Maguire primarily credits John Leffert, Artistic Director of CenterStage for 14 years, with the high-quality productions. “Under the direction of John Leffert, the quality of performances has just been phenomenal. [Physician’s Center for Beauty] has been involved with CenterStage for a few years as corporate sponsors, and just recently became the title sponsor of ‘The Wizard of Oz.’” Maguire is ecstatic to be supporting CenterStage and, even more so. to be supporting one of his all time favorite pieces. “I’m just a ‘Wizard of Oz’ freak,” he admits. “I’ve got kids, and we’ve always enjoyed it. So this seemed like a great opportunity to really get involved, and we’re very proud to donate significant funds to this show.”

But it isn’t just the quality of theatre that has led to Maguire being such a benefactor for CenterStage. He sincerely believes in the importance of arts organizations and how they help form the identity of a city. He also acknowledges the struggle faced by such organizations and the inevitable lack of funding. “Making a living in the performing arts is a very difficult road to hoe,” he argues. “Arts organizations are constantly battling budgets, and it’s very difficult for arts organizations, particularly in this era, to maintain and pay their bills.” Following the recession of 2008, many arts organizations lost funding from donors who were simply unable to give. However, Maguire so deeply believes in the importance of the arts that he has taken a stand in support of sustaining the arts, currently in the form of his participation in “The Wizard of Oz.”

wizard-of-oz-square-300x300“Arts organizations like CenterStage are so vital to the quality of life in a city,” Maguire reasons. “Just as good schools, low crime and a nice climate can add to a town’s quality of life, so can a vibrant and diverse arts community.” For this reason, Maguire looks forward to years of continued support of CenterStage and the Louisville arts scene as a whole. However, he laments the fact that it is a battle he sometimes feels he is fighting alone. “Unfortunately there are a lot of people that just don’t see the arts as that important – they just don’t. They’re more interested in going to basketball games…but I think once you have kids, for a lot of families, they get it; they start to understand the importance of the arts.” Maguire hopes more Louisvillians can latch on to the thriving arts scene in the city and consequently support it. But it all starts with going out and seeing a show, as he believes, “if they see high quality productions, then they’ll recognize that as something worth supporting.” VT

By REMY SISK | Contributing Writer

“The Wizard of Oz” presented by Physician’s Center for Beauty runs now through Jan. 25 at The Jewish Community Center. Tickets are $20 for adults and $16 for children ten and under. As sell outs are expected, it is recommend to get tickets in advance by calling 502.238.2709 or visiting jewishlouisville.org.

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