‘Sex Tips’ Will Entertain and Inspire

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By Minda Honey  |  Arts & Entertainment

Coming to Louisville’s Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts May 12 and 13 is “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man!” Over the phone, playwright and producer Matt Murphy gave me all the details on Off Broadway’s longest-running comedy. The play is setup like a sex tips seminar, and the actual audience fills in for the seminar audience. The seminar is led by an author, and there’s a shy moderator that gets a boost of encouragement to go after what she wants by a sexy stage assistant.

When Murphy tells me there’s “audience participation,” my mind immediately flashes to that time I made the mistake of going to the casino boat to see the Chippendales dancers with my mom. Murphy laughs and assures me that “Sex Tips” is PG-13 fun: “It’s more on the ‘Will & Grace’ side of things than the ‘Fifty Shades’ side.”

In fact, Murphy says that the play has been hugely popular for mother-daughter outings as well as date night for couples and bachelorette parties. “There’s no one group that this show is meant for. Sex is a universal topic. [The play] is entertaining for whomever is in the audience.”

“Sex Tips” treats audiences to scripted theatrics, improv and even a little striptease at the end. Now, about that audience participation, Murphy mentions, “We’re going to push you right to the edge, but you’re still going to be in the safe zone. And that’s how we get mothers and daughters to come, that’s how we get straight guys to come and that’s how we get couples to come. Because we’re not putting people in embarrassing situations.”

He adds, “One thing that sets our show apart and another reason for its tremendous success is taboo topics are taboo because they’re not easy to talk about. So when you’re sharing that experience with 500 strangers, and hopefully a few friends, it makes the whole experience feel that much more unique, that much more special — it provides that much more of a group mentality … and actually there’s some good advice there.”

In addition to advice you can actually use, you’ll come away from this interactive play feeling more like you’ve had an experience versus just sat in your seat and watched the action go down. Murphy likens “Sex Tips” to a musical because it’s big, broad fun with some flashing lights, fun props and fog machines mixed in. He calls this show “Live times 10” and says, “This isn’t something you’re going to get on your phone.”

So, if you and your mother, sister, best friend, partner or whoever you can grab are looking for something different to do in May, “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man” might be just the ticket. I don’t let Murphy off the phone until he agrees to share the show’s most popular tip with me, “It’s one called ‘Up, Twist, Over and Down.’ I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out what that could possibly be. If you want to find out, you’ll just have to come see the show live and in person!” VT

“Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man”

May 12-13

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts