The Scoop with Kristin Chenoweth

Courtesy photo

Courtesy photo

Emmy and Tony Award-winner, Kristin Chenoweth is beloved for her talents that span film, television and stage. A gifted singer, actor and comedian, Chenoweth joins the Louisville Orchestra to perform her best-known hits from “Wicked,” “Glee,” “On The Twentieth Century” and popular standards and classics from Broadway, Hollywood and more! Expect a fun and unforgettable Valentine’s Day-themed show at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts on February 13. To our delight, the dynamite stage queen took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions.

You’ve been to Louisville and the Kentucky Center before. What’s it like to be back and working with the Louisville Orchestra again?
This time I get to work with one of the top orchestras in the country, so that makes me very happy. I found [Whitney Hall] on my last tour in 2012 to be gorgeous and singer-friendly, so I’m excited to get back in that hall and sing some new stuff.

What are some of your pre-performance rituals?
I like to spend time doing my make-up and listening to music. Currently, I’m listening to Adele and “Hamilton,” the Broadway musical. I like to put Crystal Light in my water, and I always pray before I go on.

Is there any particular number you’re looking forward to performing for the audience?
Yes, and I think I’ll keep a secret for reasons known to myself.

Do you have time to take in whichever city you’re currently in? If so, where’s your favorite place to go in Louisville?
I’m going to come in the day before, and I’m definitely going to go out and have a good nice meal before. I always like to walk around the city and see what’s there; I like to do that for every city I go to. The last time I was in Louisville, I didn’t get to do that, so this time I will. Friends have told me to check out Jeff Ruby’s, so I’ll do that ’cause they know I love me a good steak!

Is there anything exciting coming up for you in your life or career that you’d like tell us about?
I am getting ready to debut the new concept opera “I Am Anne Hutchinson/I Am Harvey Milk” in April at the Strathmore Theatre in Bethesda, Maryland. That is something I’m very excited about. I have a couple of TV projects I’m developing and will be working on during the summer. I’m just excited that I am allowed to continue to be creative. I also have to do an album this spring for my label, Concord, and I’m currently putting together music for that.

One last fun one: What’s the goofiest thing in the room you’re in right now?
A Relax the Back Hook for your neck. VT