Providing Serenity in Sleep

Bed3In our busy lives, real sleep isn’t always easy to come by. Even Olympian Ruy Fonseca from Brazil skipped most of the 2016 opening ceremonies in order to catch a few winks: “I was in the arena for only two minutes,” he said. “I walked in and walked out again because I needed some sleep.” Most of us can laugh and relate to his story – but honestly, we all wish we had a peaceful spot to really snooze. Luckily for us, Louisville’s Donna Osif and her store Bedded Bliss are here to make sure our favorite sleeping spot is worthy of a gold medal.

Osif has been in the business of champion-worthy sleep for a long time, and she started like any Olympian does – as a beginner. “I opened my store – it’s going to be 20 years ago in March,” she says proudly. “When we opened, I was kind of a little-bit-of-everything gift shop.” Osif quickly realized, however, that her customers were falling in love with her restful designs. “I had two beds, and one of them had matelassé on it,” she says. “It’s a textured cotton pattern. That was extremely popular, and clients just started buying that from me like crazy.”

montague beige mono BFOsif noted the exploding interest and kept supplying coverlets. “Then,” she says, “they started asking me about sheets. Within a couple months, I knew that was going to be my niche.”

She’s spent years training in her game, which makes her the perfect person to ask about bedding trends for this fall. “I’ve seen linens change over the years,” she says. “The trend is to be much more relaxed. People are getting more and more casual, even in their master bedrooms.” Rooms were once heavy, with clunky furniture and unmanageable duvets, but Osif knows that her clients are now looking for lighter, fresher looks. The trend to follow? Make your sleeping space relaxed, cool and peaceful.

Her favorite way to add peace to a room is actually a specific color – the serene combination of blue, green and gray that some call sea hazel. “It’s not an easy color to get,” she warns, “but it’s fabulous when you do get it. That color just embodies peace, just right away makes you feel calm.” Osif’s clients are adding in lightweight pillows, embroidery or throw blankets to supplement the more neutral coverlets she recommends  with a little more color. “Little accents can make all the difference,” Osif asserts. Her customers put their own twists on the color to create tranquility in their spaces.

newport_bed_diamondpique_6“Everybody is craving a much more relaxed look,” Osif notes. But her rooms don’t all look identical; she makes sure that her clients end with a look that’s tailored to their design. “We specialize in custom bedding,” Osif says. “There are so many choices, like different vendors that we can cross-merchandise with, mixing everything to go with your decor.”

And, to make sure that she’s always on top of her game, she takes her work home. “I take these things home and personally launder them so customers can see how they’re washed and how they’ll sleep,” she says. “A lot of big companies coat their products with a chemical that makes it really soft, and then it washes out.” Her products won’t, and Osif knows from experience. “The only way you’re really going to know is by trying everything,” she says. Luckily for us, she already has.

traditions berry bolton bedThe peace of mind customers get from working with her at Bedded Bliss is the final point for Osif’s gold-medal combination: lightweight coverlets, a serene color and personalization in the details. Her store is quiet, tranquil and exactly what customers want to create in their own lives. “Our clients are still loving that whole look,” she says. “They’re looking for the serenity.”

By the time I finish talking to her, I can imagine myself relaxing and resting in a completely different space. So I ask her – what’s the first step I should take? If I came into Bedded Bliss, what can I look for?

She’s barely met me, but she doesn’t hesitate. “I would show you two coverlets – one is a matelassé and another is a hand-stitched cotton coverlet,” she says with complete confidence. “You would probably fall in love with one of them. Then,” she adds, “we’ll go from there.” VT

Bedded Bliss is located at 3936 Chenoweth Square. For more information, visit or call 502.899.5153.