Northwestern Mutual Athlete of the Month: Miah Casey

Miah Casey.

Miah Casey.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized. I know there are a lot of candidates in other sports in the area,” said Butler High School F/C Miah Casey once she was named Northwestern Mutual Athlete of the Month. The award honors student athletes who display both athletic prowess and academic achievement, while also focusing on character, courage, and commitment to teammates.

Casey, who looks to lead the Butler Bearettes to consecutive state championships, was selected as an all star following her junior season. Now as a senior, and a dominant defensive player, she hopes to become an all star again. She has been ranked top ten in the region both last season and this season. Casey sees the recognition as the Northwestern Athlete of the Month as something that will add more fuel to her commitment on the court. “It’s always good to be recognized for what you like to do.”

In four years of high school, Casey has a cumulative grade point average of 3.4, and her favorite subject is math. Her writing skills have developed through her interest in literary works. She says, “I like to write and express my feelings on paper.” Casey expressed that healthy parental guidance is a major reason for her achievements in school, “I always want to strive to the best of my abilities. My parents have instilled that in me and my sister.” At the beginning of every school year, Butler has a banquet to honor students who have received a 3.2 GPA or higher. Casey has been a member of this elite group her first three years of high school.

Casey believes academics supersede basketball. Casey says, “Basketball doesn’t last forever. So even though basketball is the main priority, and it may be a ticket to college, you can never forget about academics, because that’s’ the ticket in life.”

Casey and the Bearettes currently sit on the throne as defending state champions. Is hasn’t always been an easy road for Casey. When asked about one of the biggest hurdles she has faced, she said, “The toughest thing I’ve had to overcome was when I hurt my knee in the summertime. It was the junior all star game. I went up to block a shot and hyper-extended it. My mentality was: I hope I didn’t tear anything. I had to bounce back in the middle of the summer. That’s the big AAU period, where all the college coaches come out, and I knew I missed out on a few good opportunities, but I just had to make up for it during the season.” Casey says her mental toughness is the reason why she was able to overcome.

As a leader, Casey believes actions speak louder than words. She says, “What I’ve always been told is that I must lead by example. Some people don’t really respond to words, so I try to lead my teammates by doing the right thing everyday.” She says her parents have instilled in her a strong sense of right and wrong, so she tries to live her life with that in mind. With a humble and lighthearted spirit, Casey says her character is something that is, “Progressing. I’ve progressed a lot as I get older. I’m dependable and trustworthy, and I think I have a loyal personality.”

Casey says sacrifice is how she is able to go above and beyond. She has served as a class officer for four years, and is currently class secretary. She is a part of Black Achievers, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at her school. In the church, she serves as an usher, and works in the nursery. Miah Casey exemplifies an authentic representation of the Northwestern Mutual Athlete of the Month.