Moir Inducted into Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame

Coach Donna Moir. Photo by Randy Whetstone Jr.

Coach Donna Moir. Photo by Randy Whetstone Jr.

When you’ve racked up over 500 wins and three consecutive state titles and have coached for a quarter of a century, it’s only befitting that you get inducted into the Kentucky High School Basketball Hall of Fame. Coach Donna Moir at Sacred Heart Academy, whose accolades continue to pile up, was one of 17 honorees.

“It was really a special night,” affirms Coach Moir. “They did an awesome job with the induction to be in there with so many great basketball players that affected high school basketball for 100 years. It was really special to be recognized.”

In her 26 seasons coaching at Sacred Heart, Moir has recorded a 562-234 record with three consecutive state titles from 2002 to 2004, and in 1976, she won the state title with the Valkyries as a player.

“If I’ve made a change, I am really proud of it,” she says of her time as a coach. “I am just proud of the girls and the coaches who coach with me and that I had the opportunity to coach being a part of a great school like Sacred Heart. Their history with basketball was already good before I got here with all the players who came through before me. So I am just glad that I had a little part in that.”

Coach Donna Moir. Photo by Randy Whetstone Jr.

Coach Donna Moir. Photo by Randy Whetstone Jr.

What made this induction very special to Moir was her chance to be honored with her former player Carly Ormerod. Carly played point guard for Sacred Heart’s program during its trio of state titles and then went on to play at the University of Kentucky.

“To get inducted with one of your players was special because it made you relive a lot of memories that you had together. And just the evolution of girls’ basketball throughout the 100 years was kind of neat to see. Everyone treated you so well, and they did a great job in making you feel special.”

Moir comes from an athletic family – her father played football and baseball at St. X before going on to play at UofL, and her mother played sports at Mercy – so her immediate family has served as her inspirational foundation. As she grew older, those who coached her as a player and the coaches she’s worked with at Sacred Heart have continued to play a key role in Moir being the person and coach she is today.

But if you associate the word “legendary” with Moir, she will reply in a humble tone saying, “That is kind of one of those words reserved for Pat Summit. I don’t think of it that way; I just think of it as approaching each day and each new team that I have and just trying to do the best job I can. I guess one day when I stop doing what I am doing, I can reflect over all the accomplishments, but you just kind of look to the next one – what you’re going to do next – and that is how I have always done things.”

In such an honorable recognition, Moir has always tried to exemplify a sincere commitment to her players and program. “I just hope that people know that I really care about them,” she emphasizes. “That is a big thing about coaching girls. You can push them and push them, but I hope they know you really care about them. I think I have a pretty good relationship with some of my former players and former athletes here at Sacred Heart, and I want them to always know that I am here for them.”

Her love for the game and kids has been what’s kept Moir coaching each season and what is driving her to return for year 27. The excitement and challenges precipitated by starting a new season gives her the motivation to continue to make history. But she’s already done so and will undoubtedly keep it up. For there’s no one like Coach Donna Moir – Hall of Fame inductee committed to leadership and service. VT