Home Away from Home

By Janice Carter Levitch

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Searching for solitude and a reprise from a busy professional life, Dr. Britt Brockman found the perfect solution: a house overlooking Nolin Lake, one of the most beautiful bodies of water in Kentucky.

“I’m from Hodgenville in Central Kentucky,” Brockman said. “I grew up going to the lakes, skiing and doing all those fun things. Although my family was never positioned to have a home on a lake or large ski boats, my friends who had these things always invited us to share the weekends together.

“Fast forward and now I’m an opthamologist with numerous satellite clinics throughout Kentucky and Indiana,” he continued. “Many of them are in Central Kentucky, so it turns out that the majority of my travels for work are orbiting around this area. Having the lake house saves me travel time because I live in Louisville, and it also offers me a way to decompress during a busy work week.”

Positioned on a quiet gravel road as close to the waters edge as the Corps of Engineers will allow, the home is comprised of timber the color of tobacco and caramel. The hues blended together reminds you of a rare bourbon. This special timber was actually gathered from the property the house is built on. Brockman stumbled upon the site by chance when a friend who lives next door invited him to visit his cabin. “It hit me about five years ago,” he recalls. “My family loves the lake experience, and I thought it would make sense to build a cabin on the lake where we could gather and spend quality time together.”

Upon entering the front door, you are greeted by a mammoth-sized stone fireplace that seems to anchor the expansive open-floor plan, giving the space a sense of rustic nuance and a touch of luxury. Above the mantel is a taxidermied bobcat that Brockman received from a friend (with reassurance that it was prepared after the animal died of natural causes). The piece serves as a nod to Brockman’s love for the University of Kentucky, where he serves as chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Throughout the open floor plan, there are sentimental family quilts and bedcovers sprinkled about that were designed and constructed by his mother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother.

The master bedroom is tranquil and has a sitting area for reading at one end. Quiet with a meditative mood, the master bath has a window positioned over the tub that Brockman discovered at a local art fair. It provides privacy while allowing the sunlight to flow through the colorful, wildflower-shaped glass.

The kitchen is of Provençal design and reminds Brockman of the time he spent in the region while traveling throughout Europe. The stone floor is also reminiscent of European flair yet meets the lake house décor with ease. A petite wine bar nearby is stocked with notable vintages.

Outside of the dining area is an open balcony lined with rocking chairs that overlooks the lake. A daunting 102 stairs lead you down to the dock where the boat is anchored. Taking the boat out for fishing, skiing or just relaxing is something the entire family enjoys. Brockman and his brood look forward to spending time at the lake house this summer and creating lifelong memories with one another. VT

Dr. Britt Brockman with his dog Darcy.