Fit as a Belle

Joy Fow. Photo courtesy of Alexa Pence

Joy Fow. Photo courtesy of Alexa Pence

Joy Fow was like most brides when she married her husband Eric – determined to get into the best shape of her life for her wedding. She started an intense workout regimen that was not maintainable for a long period of time, which is not uncommon among the newly engaged when faced with purchasing the most expensive outfit of their lives and photos that will be referenced for a lifetime. Joy admits that after the nuptials, she decided to take it easy, recalling, “After the wedding, I was so relieved to not be killing myself anymore to fit into that dress.”

Six months post-wedding, Joy was pregnant with her first child, Carolina, and throughout her term, gained 51 pounds. “It was a conflicting time for me because I was so overjoyed to be a mother but was faced with depression over not recognizing my body anymore,” Joy shares. Showers were taken in the dark to avoid any chance of seeing herself in a mirror. To get back into shape, Joy resorted to her pre-wedding routine of running, spin classes, teaching and taking group fitness classes, and even buying into the Insanity® fitness series. “Even with all that training, I still wasn’t able to achieve the results I desired, and now I know the missing piece was nutrition.”

With her second pregnancy, Joy decided to be proactive and sought out Beachbody® based on the positive results she had seen friends achieve through its use. With the support of a clean eating group, she managed to gain a healthy 31 pounds while expecting her son, Maverick. Following his birth, she started to explore Beachbody further, incorporating the use of a superfood-packed protein nutrition drink called Shakeology® as a meal replacement and starting what the program calls the 21 Day Fix, a meal plan (called Fixate) that coaches you through what your body needs using precisely measured color-coded containers.     

“I had been familiar with Beachbody for years but was initially very resistant to a direct sales approach and remember even telling friends that I could never replace a meal with a shake because I like to eat my food,” recalls Joy. However, as the weight continued to fall off and people took notice, Joy knew this was a lifestyle she could easily embrace. Now, Joy is all in as a Beachbody coach herself, leading a team she calls Fit as a Belle and inspiring others to take their life back through fitness and nutrition.

Of the common pitfalls facing brides-to-be and others with a specific weight loss goal, Joy warns, “Losing weight is 80 percent about nutrition and also understanding that you have to fuel your body properly to build muscle and maintain that weight loss in a healthy way.” She also says the biggest barrier for most people is committing to meal prep. “Sundays for me used to be all about making Southern comfort food. I would prepare a spread of appetizers, a huge meal and desserts and we would indulge all day. Now it’s about meal prep and properly preparing for the week ahead.”

“Don’t resort to a quick fix,” she advises brides. “The time to start is now to incorporate a habit that you don’t dread.” VT

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Photo courtesy of Alexa Pence

Photo courtesy of Alexa Pence

We asked Joy to share with us a recipe she would recommend for a busy bride-to-be.

These turkey and goat cheese roll ups are a delicious lunch option while cutting down on carb intake.

Nitrate-free turkey breast deli slices
Lettuce leaves
Goat cheese
Bell pepper (any color)
Chopped walnuts

Stack ingredients neatly on top of each other in the following order: 2-3 large lettuce leaves, 2-3 slices of turkey, 3-4 slices bell pepper, 1-2 slices avocado, 1/2 tbsp. goat cheese crumbles, 1/2 tbsp. chopped walnuts. Slowly roll one end of your stack up into the other.

Suggested Serving Size: 2 roll ups
Spice it up by adding a teaspoon of unsweetened dried cranberries or replacing the goat cheese with hummus.