Colorful Windows to the Soul

Traditionally, spring has long been a time of renewal, and simply put, there is no better time for some cleaning and restoring inside and outside the house. Updating the exterior of your home, however, can be an ordeal even for a veteran handyman or woman. Fortunately, Dages Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper has some tips and tricks of the trade to save you some time.

GreenGrandEntrance_FrontDoor_with_WhitePorchDages Paint Company has been aptly utilizing its slogan, “Keeping Louisville Colorful,” since 1930, making it the oldest independent paint store in Louisville. For three generations now, it has been owned and operated by the original Dages family. In 2016, Dages Paint merged with Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper, making it also the largest independent paint store in Kentuckiana. The combined company now enjoys a presence in Hikes Point on Browns Lane, in the east end on Shelbyville Road and on Oak Street in Germantown. There are myriad quality products sold at Dages Hikes Point & Wallpaper, including the highly sought-after Benjamin Moore line, a large selection of both in-stock and special-order wallcoverings and window treatments.

No matter the job, it is this experience and expertise that makes Dages Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper a premier purveyor of paint, wallpaper and general home-care knowledge for the Louisville area.

Elizabeth Pike, designer at Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper, says that nothing quite affects the exterior of a home quite the way paint does. “Typically, designers offer three or four colors with the facade as a medium tone. Roofs and shutters should be dark like hair, eyebrows and lashes; trim should be light like the whites of the eyes and teeth. Not surprisingly, the most popular colored door is red like a mouth,” asserts Pike. Also per Pike, this array is a very trusted color scheme, but it isn’t the only option: “Some Victorians have upward of five colors, and cottages tend to have only two. Plus, even people who like the traditional often choose to bring out a little flair on the front door.”

When choosing a front-door color that differs from the trim or roof colors, the experts at Dages Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper ask that you consider how to link that color into the overall curb appeal. Yellow flowers in the landscaping, for example, make a great combination with a yellow door. Evergreens highlight a traditional hunter green door. Bench cushions and planters serve as great inspiration pieces to bridging exciting color onto a door as well.

“When selecting an overall exterior palette, first consider what statement you’d like your home to make. Is it a reflection of you?” asks Pike. WhitePorch_with_RedTrimHomes, after all, can be an incredibly revealing expression of the self when a little time and effort is put into them. Once this introspection is complete and you know what you want to say, Pike says then you may consider answers to such pertinent questions as how many colors you would like, which color combinations are favorites and what the best placement for each color is. “Of course, if you need professional help, swing by Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper for a complimentary color consultation,” says Pike earnestly.

Not just a paint company, Dages Hikes Point & Wallpaper offers the means to create the perfect facade beyond the mere use of color. It is Pike’s opinion that windows are the most important fixture of a home’s exterior: “Just as eyes are the window of the soul, windows are the eyes of the home. Homes’ exteriors are the faces we show the world.”

“Did you know that up to 50 percent of heating and cooling energy is lost through windows?” poses fellow designer Carolyn Mayfield. “That’s why many of our window-shade styles are designed to reduce solar heat that passes through the window, thus, lowering energy consumption and costs.”

The window fashions available at Dages Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper are elegant, energy efficient and beautiful additions to any home’s decor, and their stores carry a wide variety of window treatments such as Hunter Douglas, Lafayette, Graber and more. Additionally, like Pike and Mayfield, the helpful and knowledgeable designers on staff are at the customer’s service to help find stylish solutions for windows and walls in both residential and commercial applications. The experts in the paint department can offer insights on such topics as deck staining, how to neatly and adequately perform the actual painting once you’ve selected your colors and so much more. Without question, Dages Hikes Point Paint & Wallpaper employees know what they’re talking about and can quickly and easily help you find the soul of your home.

For more information, visit hikespointpaint.com or call 502.451.1333.

Photos courtesy of Dages Paint Co.

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