Building Relationships and Giving Back

By Graham Pilotte

Since opening its doors, Lexus of Louisville has been a significant part of the Louisville community. But its presence has changed quite a bit, as new managing partner Walter Weibel recalls.  “The office used to be dark,” Weibel remembers with a laugh. “I opened up all the blinds and opened up my door. I spend my days going out and shaking people’s hands; I try to bring a good spirit to the store all day long.”

Lexus of Louisville is the leading Kentucky Lexus dealer – the place to go for everything from test-driving to financing to servicing your Lexus vehicles. “We’ve become a much more aggressive and competitive dealer with pricing and trade-ins,” Weibel explains. “But at the end of the day, what I’d like people to know is that I view myself as a very different type of dealer compared to the stereotype. I’m not afraid to take a phone call – I’ll be the first to go out there and meet you and thank you for your business.”

Photo By Pieroni Creative

After thirty years in the automotive industry, Weibel moved to Kentucky in 2016 to run Lexus of Louisville. “I have one partner who resides in Florida,” Weibel asserts, “but I’m the operating partner. I moved here with my wife, we purchased a home in Prospect and I’m here every single day. I have complete autonomy and entrepreneurial abilities – the store is really mine to run.”

In addition to taking on his new duties, Weibel is exploring ways to support his new city. “I’m trying to commit myself to charitable foundations in the community,” Weibel explains. “I’ve operated in Houston for years in a very competitive, transient city, and relationships were difficult. Here, relationships are abundant,” he says. “The people are so open-armed and welcoming – they allowed us to really fall in love with Louisville overnight. My wife and I consider this to be our home permanently. I have more neighbors who are genuine friends than I’ve ever had in my life, and I think Louisville is so unique.”

As just one example of community support, Lexus of Louisville is supporting the March of Dimes. “I have a soft heart when it comes to children in general,” Weibel says. “I tell my wife I pray to God to win the lottery so that I can take care of children. Just let me win; I’ll know what to do with the money.” Lexus of Louisville is committed to working within the community, and Weibel wants his neighbors to know that. “Somebody is sitting in this office that actually wants to be involved,” he says. “At the end of the day, I really care to understand people’s ownership expectations and try to meet those expectations in the best way possible.”

From the test drive to follow-up service, Weibel is interested in building a presence in the Louisville community. “Whether your expectations are service or sales, I want to accommodate them. I’m not selfishly looking for just the profit side of the business,” he says. “I’m looking for the relationship side of the business.”