Bridge Shines Bright

B4B-lights-west-side-multi-color_02-07-15There will be a new addition to the Louisville skyline from Wednesday onwards, as lights will now shine over the Big Four Bridge. The project is the brainchild of Mike Kimmel, deputy director of Waterfront Development, after he visited Turkey on a vacation, and was wowed by the lights that lit up the giant bridge that spans the Bosphorus. When he returned to Louisville, he wanted to bring back a little bit of Turkey home.

The result is 1400 LED lights that shine brightly across the Ohio River, and beyond, in a pattern that can change for any occasion.

“So far, everyone has really liked it,” explained Kimmel after a number of test runs took place.”

As for how many more patterns there are that can wow the crowds, Kimmel gave a sneak peak. “We have many up our sleeve, which we already have programmed, including those for the holidays.”

Photo courtesy of DUKE MARSH