Having a Ball at Speed’s Gala

The 2015 Speed Art Museum Ball will be held on Saturday, Feb. 28 at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel. This is the last year the Speed Ball will be held off premise as the community anxiously awaits the reopening of the Museum in the spring of 2016. Yes, the grand opening of the museum and the return of the Speed Ball are sure to be epic. Nonetheless, this year’s Ball will keep with the tradition that has made it Louisville’s most prestigious event. The movie star grand entrance into the Seelbach Medallion Ballroom will set the tone for an exciting evening filled with high fashion and elegance.

This year the Speed Art Museum Ball is excited to feature two musical acts for guests to enjoy. Following dinner in the Medallion Ballroom guests will enjoy the sounds of one of Nashville’s hottest bands, Burning Las Vegas. Then beginning at 10 p.m. to keep the party going, DJ Sleepy T will preform in the historic Rathskeller. 

For guests interested in the late night Friends of the Speed tickets, for the second year Rye has extended their generosity and planned another wonderful pre-party. I sat down with Erin and Michael Trager-Kusman to find out the details.

Rye is hosting the much-anticipated pre-party for those who purchase Friends of the Speed tickets. Can you elaborate on the details?
Absolutely. It’s not every night that we have a dining room full of ball gowns and tuxes – it is definitely something we look forward to! We will be offering a special menu to guests who are attending the ball. It will be $60 per person, and will include a welcome cocktail, choice of appetizer, choice of entrée and choice of dessert. The regular menu is also available to anyone who wants it, but this pre-fixe menu is a steal!

Can you share with me the genre of music Burning Las Vegas will be performing in the Medallion Ballroom?
Burning Las Vegas plays a wide variety of genres and is sure to get partygoers on their feet. From funk, rock, soul and rhythm and blues, there is something to satisfy everyone’s musical tastes. They are known around the South for their riveting performances, featuring three powerful female vocalists who guarantee to rock the ballroom.

 This year will mark the first time the Speed Ball will feature additional entertainment for late night ticket guests in the historical Rathskeller. How will this enhance the experience for everyone?
We are so excited for this enhancement of the late night portion of the ball. Having a great local DJ in the historical Rathskeller will make guests feel like they got to attend the party AND the after party (without actually having to go somewhere else). We think this will really allow people who purchase Friends of Speed tickets (and those who want to keep the party going) feel like they got what they paid for, since there has been special energy put in to this part of the event, and it will just be starting when they arrive.

 What is the best way for someone to purchase tickets or find out more details about the pre-party?
Email us at office@ryeonmarket.com. There is no need to purchase tickets in advance, but I would recommend making a reservation. Since we base our menu on what is the most delicious and available on any given day, we will not know the details ahead of time, but will accommodate food allergies and aversions.

 What will late night ticket guests be entitled to once they arrive at the Seelbach Hotel?
The late night, or “Friends of Speed” ticket entitles you to drinks (open bar), dessert and dancing – it’s not every day you get to dress up all fancy, and enjoy a party like this, while also benefiting a great local institution. VT