Favorite Valentine Memories

I’ve decided that on this Valentine’s Day, I am going to celebrate all love.

By all love, I mean being thankful for your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers, basically everyone who plays an important part in your life.

And, if you’re in a healthy romantic relationship by all means observe the day reserved for lovers.

And hey, if you’re not in a relationship, celebrate the fact that you’re no longer in a bad relationship!

Now, as a kid Valentine’s Day meant a fun day at school of exchanging cute animated cards among friends.

It was the day set aside to consume as many lollipops, candy hearts and chocolate treats that our little hearts desired!

I asked some of our loyal readers to share their favorite Valentine’s Day memory, and here’s what they said.

Ashley Blevins:

Ashley Blevins.

Ashley Blevins.

When reflecting about Valentine’s Day, I can recall many, many memories dating back to childhood.

Some memories are pleasant and some, well, not so pleasant. Trying to choose my “most memorable” was very difficult.

Sitting in a gorgeous, romantic, warm and inviting Chateau in St. Morritz, Switzerland with my husband, Webb. We had just finished a lovely day of skiing and we enjoyed every bit of our delicious meal, wine AND each other.

After taking some time to really reflect upon the many memories from Valentine’s Day, I can honestly say that it really is JUST another day. We should take the time each and EVERY day to celebrate the ones we love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shary Loewy Hyman:

Shary Loewy Hyman.

Shary Loewy Hyman.

On February 14, 1976, I was at Northwestern’s Prentice Hospital in Chicago ready to give birth to my first child.

It was after 11 p.m., and there was another mother also ready to deliver any minute.

Back then, we didn’t know the sex of our child before birth.

I remember telling the doctor to deliver the other person’s baby first because I thought I could wait until the 15th to have a son.

I was right and shortly after Febraury 14th turned to February 15th, Adam was born.

Valentine’s Day 1976 was a day of family eating pizza and me waiting to become a mom. It was the best belated Valentine gift ever!

Amy Weisenberger:

Amy Weisenberger.

Amy Weisenberger.

Two years ago on Valentine’s Day, it was a month to the day since our daughter Anna was born, and we were still figuring it all out.

Obviously we weren’t going to leave our newborn at home to go out for Valentine’s Day, so we got take out from Napa River Grill, put the baby to sleep and had a wonderful candlelit dinner in our dining room.  We had a lot to be thankful for that Valentine’s Day.

Suzanne Crum:

Suzanne Crum.

Suzanne Crum.

My newborn was but a few weeks old, so I dressed her in an oversized heart dress and made a romantic dinner in the dining room.

I still remember that sweet dinner as she slept in the swing next to us.  That bottle of wine never tasted so good!