Skin Care Savvy With Dr. Cassis

I caught up with Dr. Tami Cassis, one of Louisville’s premier dermatologists, to find out some of the keys to her success.

Lori Kommor: You are the director of Cassis Dermatology & Aesthetics Center, which is much more than a dermatology practice. Can you elaborate?
Dr. Tami Cassis: Cassis dermatology is a full-service, comprehensive dermatology practice that also offers numerous cosmetic options. With the help of my physician’s assistant, Heather Hill, PA-C, and my nursing staff, we treat medical conditions, such as skin cancer, acne, psoriasis, etcetera, and we also provide treatment through lasers (Intense Pulse Light, Laser Hair, Coolsculpting) and injectables, such as Botox and fillers. We also have a full-time esthetician, Jenna Otter, LE, (who) will customize facial treatments and peels to meet your specific needs.  We also have a Cosmetic Coordinator, Julia Thompson (who) will help you make smart cost-effective non-surgical cosmetic choices.

LK: What challenges do you face educating a younger clientele about protecting their skin?
Dr. TC: Unfortunately, skin cancer is still on the rise. Every day I encounter patients (who) are still going to the tanning bed, not wearing a daily facial moisturizer with SPF  and not wearing sunscreen when outside. Overall, we as dermatologists are still losing the battle on skin cancer, and I believe that the tide will only turn when everyone starts to pay attention to their skin and make the right choices.

LK: There is quite the buzz on the skin care products that you and two of your medical colleagues developed. Can you explain why clients are excited about the products?
Dr. TC: Two of my best friends from dermatology residency (Dr. Kelli Webb, Lexington, Ky., and Dr. Diana Antonovich, Charleston, S.C.) felt we needed to start a skin care line that was natural, simple and cost-effective. We felt that most skin care lines available over-promise, add up in cost, (are) loaded with unnecessary preservatives and fragrances, are not made in the USA and undergo way too much animal testing. Simply b, MD does what it says; (is) easy to use and won’t drain your wallet, natural, made in the USA, and no animal testing. Each product retails for only $20. In Louisville you can purchase these at Whole Foods, Hot Locks Salon, online at, and of course, at my office.

LK: Why did you and your colleagues see the need to develop your own product line?
Dr. TC: We are all strong-willed, very hard-working women. We just knew we could do better than what is on the market.

LK: What are some simple steps we can do to protect our skin from the sun?
Dr. TC: Sunscreen needs to be applied 30 minutes before going outside and re-applied every two hours, unless you are in and out of a pool or sweating, then every hour. Daily facial moisturizer with SPF 15-30 is a must for teens and adults. Hats and sunglasses should be part of everyone’s wardrobe. If the dreaded aging is starting to show, then start exfoliating!

LK: What are your favorite skin care products and why?
Dr. TC: Of course, mine! They really perform as advertised and you won’t break the bank to keep your skin looking younger. In addition to our current products, we have a tinted daily facial moisturizer, lip balm, eye cream, and a cream to help diminish brown spots currently in R&D (Research and Development).