Nick Boone: Leather Ambassador

If you’ve ever been in the market for a new pair of cowboy boots, chances are you’ve made your way into the Leatherhead.

Those who frequent Leatherhead know it’s much more than just a boot shop.

In business since 1967, owners Nick and Lynn Boone have become unofficial ambassadors for Louisville.

Located in the heart of Bardstown Road in the Highlands, they are as authentic as the leather goods they sell.

From Kentucky’s largest Lucchese boot selection to handmade leather goods, Nick Boone is famous for working with all things leather.

Hanging out with the Boones is a clear reminder of what makes our city unique.

Lori Kommor: Nick, your “claim to fame” is the patent you have on a guitar strap. Can you elaborate on this?

Nick Boone: This is my third patent, which is a easy to use strap that offers the perfect combination of function and design, delivering the world’s most environmentally friendly comfortable guitar strap. No more shoulder pain from holding a guitar for hours on end.

Leatherhead is located at 1601 Bardstown Road in The Highlands.

L.K.: How did you get started in the business?

N.B.: I started when I was five-years-old and needed a harness for my goat. I took a recycled old broken harness of my father’s and mended it; no money and a flat tire on my bike makes you think in a certain way. That’s what started it all. It comes so easy to me, it’s only natural.

L.K.: You have a lot of A-list celebrities who visit Leatherhead when they come to Louisville. How do they here about Leatherhead?

N.B.: All artists are looking for a job, and so are we! The hotels, museums and people around town refer some. Others have already been referred or searched us out online. Everyone refers Leatherhead if they are looking for leather goods.

L.K.: Who are some of the famous faces who visit your store?

N.B.: Faces and friends are numerous to name a few. Orlando Bloom, Johnnie Depp, Hunter S. Thompson, Yo Yo Ma, Watson twins, Ryan Adams, Black Keys, California Trio, Dan Auerbalh, Rolling Stones and Darryl Jones. But, Louisvillians know about Leatherhead for the quality and selection of boots and belts.

Nick Boone wearing one of his patented guitar straps.

L.K.: Do you collaborate with other artists besides musicians?

N.B.: Yes. Kurt Schoen (guitar maker), Julius Friedman (graphic designer and photographer), Ted Harland (woodworker), Rocky Harrison (Alan Jackson guitar technician), Douglas Riddle (designer).

L.K.: Leatherhead has the largest selection of Lucchese boots in Kentucky. Are there any other products you carry that customers may not be aware of?

N.B.: We do have the largest selection of Lucchese boots in Kentucky. But, we hand make custom belts in any size and color, leather bracelets and just about anything else that can be made of leather.

I have been working with leather for 42 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Photos By CHRIS HUMPHREYS | The Voice-Tribune