Secrets to Salon Success

Kelli Campbell.

Kelli Campbell.

I caught up with Kelli Campbell, owner of Joseph’s Salon & Spa, and asked her to share some of her secrets of running a successful business for 40 years.

Lori Kommor:  Your parents founded Joseph’s Salon 40 years ago. What does it mean to you to carry on your father’s legacy?
Kelli Campbell: Being a part of a successful small business for 40 years means more to me now, than ever! I sincerely feel honored to be given the opportunity to be a part of a growing business in which the main goal is to connect with people and make them feel and look better. I am grateful to see young professionals grow to have successful personal and professional lives – seeing them become leaders in the beauty industry is wonderful. I am proud of how our company works as a team and is supportive of each other and our community. Together they have so much creative energy, which our clients have come to love.

L.K.: In today’s world it is sometimes a challenge for small to medium size businesses to stay on top of their game. How has Joseph’s survived and thrived for so many years?
K.C.: I will say I think that the last few years have been quite a challenge – many details for our internal structure have gotten re-thought. Many new directions are geared to make use more sustainable. A great deal of thought and hard work has gone into giving the clients the most for their money. (We ask), ‘is every service a value to our clients’ life?’ We want them to leave feeling better and (offer) a fair price. We have maintained a team atmosphere and continue to feel that is the best for our employees and clients. We have seen some growth this year but I continue to think of ways to make us better.

L.K.: Joseph’s Spa strives to transcend the latest in therapeutic wellness, can you explain?
K.C.: Wellness is a big part of everything we do, from brow shaping, cut and color to a stress-fix massage. We think a moment to breathe and take your mind off the all the world puts on (you) is our goal. We offer Stress Reliving Rituals with every service – these are complimentary – hand massage, neck and shoulder massage, and facial refreshes combined with Aveda aroma are a few of what we offer. These are designed to give you a moment of relief. Our Aveda Spa culture is designed to give the best stress relieving services that make the client feel and look better. We have an intensive program geared to guest connection – we feel that it is as equally as important as the technical service.

L.K.: The Voice- Tribune has been fortunate to have Joseph’s Salon & Spa as a loyal Best Dressed sponsor. What exciting and new trends can we expect to see on this year’s runway?
K.C.: Best Dressed – I always look at the Best Dressed event (late August) as what is happening in beauty for fall. With that said we look at Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Prada etc . … for inspiration. This is what we are seeing for this year:

  1. Blunt Bangs – gives long hair a bit of an edge – very street friendly and a great way to maintain long hair and still be modern
  2. Clean side parts – sleek and clean – this is easy to do on yourself and looks very sophisticated but a bit dramatic.
  3. Chunky low volume waves – not much lift on top but nice chunky wave on bottoms.
  4. French twists in fresh new directions – side twists, or twisted back off the face – this hair makes a statement almost like an accessory – great for a minimal look.
  5. Rustic chic – long messy curls or braids – looks great with maxi skirts or dresses – southwest inspired look.
  6. Red, bold, almost black lips for fall look great and dramatic – no need to wear much more
  7. Finally, bold block-colored eye make-up in metallic or warm jewel-tones with minimal lips.

L.K.: How does Joseph’s Salon & Spa stay on the cutting edge in such a competitive industry?
K.C.: We always say – try to just worry about what we are doing – staying innovative and changing with the times. We like networking in our industry and hope to learn from each other – especially with our Aveda network of salons. Our biggest competition is us – how can we keep growing and have high integrity and gratitude to everyone that helps to make us successful.

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