Beauty Tips And Tricks From The Experts

I caught up with a few of the loyal sponsors of BD2012, presented by Churchill Downs, and found out some of the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Cara King from Blink Boutique

Cara King

Cara King

Lori Kommor: Tell me about the new fashion trends that we can expect to see in Blink this fall?

Cara King: This fall you’re going to see a retro mix of florals and leather. We’re very excited about the trends for fall.

LK: To someone who is attending Best Dressed for the first time, what suggestions would you give about what to wear?

CK: Your outfit should be comfortable but still make you feel fabulous, as people will be dressed to the nines.  On the color front, I recommend bold solids, especially if you want to be photographed. Steer clear of anything too sexy, tight or short.

LK: Blink Boutique has been in business for almost a decade. What are some of the keys to your success?

CK: Customer service is very important to Blink’s core values, as well as finding great designer partners. Knowing our customers well so we can offer solutions to their fashion needs and desires. Louisville is a great place to have a business, that is key too!

LK: How can someone update their wardrobe without breaking the bank?

CK: Look for two things: boldness and versatility. Look for quality items that work with what you already have. My favorite investments to make are my shoes. Very important.

Sloan Winters from Circe’s Beauty Bar

Sloan Winters

Sloan Winters

Lori Kommor: Tell me about some of the new designers and cosmetic lines that Circe is carrying? 

Sloan Winters: New Beauty lines at Circe: Kevyn Aucoin is our newest color line, (it is a) true makeup artist line that’s heavily pigmented, and because it has so much pigment, you only need to use a little bit and blend well.

Juvena Skin Care – we added this line back in January. It’s a Swiss skin care line. The basis for this line is stem cell peptides; this technology helps activate the skin’s own stem cells in such a way that they renew themselves. We love it!

Moor Bath & Body is also new at the beauty bar. It’s a really great line of shower gels, body lotions and candles from Australia. There are several scents to choose from, all under $20.

NYX cosmetics will be coming soon. I call it cheap-chic beauty because everything is under $20. Not all beauty products have to cost a college education, and it’s good to mix high and low (brands). This line is geared towards a younger or young at heart woman; it’s fun!

LK: When temperatures are scorching, what is the best advice you have for keeping your makeup looking fresh?

SW: When it’s hot out, my best advice is to keep it simple. Use cream to powder eye shadows or eye base; they usually dry down to a powder finish and become water-resistant. Our Paul & Joe eye glosses are perfect for this time of year.

Keep eyeliner and mascara on the top lash line and lashes; it’s a cleaner look for daytime. Go for (the bottom lashes) at night and use cake sealer, which will keep it from running.

Use a tinted moisturizer, oil free and with SPF, follow up with a little concealer, then bronzing powder all over, and your favorite lip gloss or lip tint.

I highly recommend using blotting papers to absorb excess oil and to control shine. It doesn’t look good to keep applying powder on your face. It will start to look cakey and pasty after a while. You want your skin to look fresh and supple.

LK: What are some common beauty mistakes that women make? 

SW: Common beauty mistakes I tend to notice are:

A. Clumpy mascara. It’s not pretty to see matted, clumped lashes stuck together from either too much mascara or not taking it off from the night before.

B. Bad eyeliner application. If you can’t blend it on smoothly, don’t do it, because it looks bad. Those of you who apply it while backing out of your driveway need to stop! Eyeliner and mascara are two little things that can make a huge impact on your look, if done correctly.

C. Too much powder. There is nothing inviting about a matted down, caked-up looking face. Please let your skin breathe; you will look radiant and beautiful! Use blotting papers if you are concerned about shine.

D. Foundation that is too light or too dark, and too heavily applied. It should be spot-on with your skin tone, and only applied to the areas that are red or uneven and blended out.