Speed-y gifts

The larger and redesigned Speed Art Museum Store specializes in design and fine art gifts, jewelry, accessories, books and museum-branded items and...

Armed with style

Fashion typically looks to admiration for inspiration, and that is why our world loves military-inspired style.

Daring Denim

Louisville boutiques are stocked with a variety of on-trend denim used in myriad ways.

Beyond Fashion

Supporting young budding fashion designers who are trying to establish a name for themselves in the competitive industry

Thanksgiving decor

Whether you’re the “Betty Draper” hostess or a well-dressed guest, holiday decorative pieces are simply a must.

Model Citizen

Laura Kirkpatrick, a two-time competitor on “America’s Next Top Model,” has used her fame to put a spotlight on dyslexia.

Get A-Head

Get ahead of the impending chill by securing some of the coziest hats around town!

A Hat For All Seasons

“I don’t purchase hats and then glue things onto them. I am a true milliner, so my material starts from its original...

Voice of Style: Finespun Clothing

Finespun Clothing has been recently developed in Louisville to bridge the gap between mass-produced clothing and luxury goods in terms of price,...