Model Citizen

Laura Kirkpatrick, a two-time competitor on “America’s Next Top Model,” has used her fame to put a spotlight on dyslexia.

Get A-Head

Get ahead of the impending chill by securing some of the coziest hats around town!

A Hat For All Seasons

“I don’t purchase hats and then glue things onto them. I am a true milliner, so my material starts from its original...

Voice of Style: Finespun Clothing

Finespun Clothing has been recently developed in Louisville to bridge the gap between mass-produced clothing and luxury goods in terms of price,...

Ready to Wear Pixie

Dena began by highlighting with foils around the face to emphasize Shannon’s best features.

Pink Perfection

Clodhoppers • 502.891.0079 Liv Boutqiue • 502.654.7337 Sassy Fox • 502.895.3711 Photos by Alexa Pence

Get Your Home in the Mood

You can make yourself dizzy from scent sampling every pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon and bergamot-scented candle in the store and you’ve swapped...

Bronze is Best

The perfect look to take you from summer to fall is a bronzed color.

Fall Boots Are Out of the Box

If you’re not quite bold enough to bust out those high heel sneakers—and we don’t blame you—there’s no shame in defaulting to...

A Highbrow Treat

Kate Ashton loves a good brow challenge. And she should – she’s a veritable waxing wizard.