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Bluegrass Roots

The Bluegrass Land Conservancy recently held a farm-to-table dinner at Ashbourne Farms in Oldham County to honor Edward S. “Ned” Bonnie with...

State of the Art

Local, Southern and European Inspirations

Selfless Service

They lend a hand, give a boost and make a difference for those in need.

Salute to the Game Luncheon

The Catholic Education Foundation hosted the 11th annual luncheon on Sept. 27 the day before the much-anticipated Trinity-St. Xavier high school football...

Jefferson Jubilee Gala

More than 300 guests gathered at the Henry Clay on Sept. 20 for this annual fundraiser.

Dining in the Dark

There are times when you just feel adventurous and need to shake up your regular dining routine; for example, eating dinner blindfolded.

Isn’t it Fascinating?

With Breeders’ Cup only a month away, we turned to local fascinator designer Tiffany Woodard of Darling Handmades to showcase her fall...

The Future of Giving 

This October, The Voice-Tribune is teaming up with the Community Foundation of Louisville to honor New Voices of Philanthropy, which highlights people...