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Peace Education

Living in a nation that feels more divided with each passing day can take an emotional toll on all of us.

At Home With Kimberly Rice

Kimberly Rice is known for her giving spirit and works with several nonprofits within our community.

A Signature Cause

One year ago this week, Kelsey Petrino Scott and her husband, L.D. Scott, were enveloped in a dangerous situation that threatened the...

Butterflies in Motion

The Butterfly Society, Heuser Hearing Institute’s volunteer community, hosted its annual cinematic fundraiser on Oct. 18 at the Brown Hotel.

Fashion is in the Air

The fashion show I attended recently was definitely brought in by the wind – 25 mph to be exact.

Perfect Pairings

La Chasse is known for European cuisine and boutique-style wines.

UofL President’s Reception

On Oct. 10, University of Louisville’s LGBT Center celebrated new president Dr. Neeli Bendapudi and her commitment to LGBTQ inclusion at her...