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New Year’s Eve 2019

Eventris and J Wagner Group welcomed the new year with a sold-out crowd at their annual bash at Mellwood Art and Entertainment...

Working In Tandem

Tandem Public Relations COO Michael Tierney talks work, fun and ‘No comment’

Unveil Me Slowly

One writer explores the identity of Muslim-American women

The Best Parties of 2018

The Voice covered more than 250 events in 2018, so selecting the best parties of the year was no easy feat.

Catching Butterflies

Producing Artistic Director Idris Goodwin Takes Flight At StageOne Family Theatre

A New Vintage

With live events, books and – soon – podcasts, Wine Country Women is bringing wine country to the world through storytelling.

Reaching Further

A look at homelessness with The Forgotten Louisville and My Dog Eats First

Iconic Moments

How utterly exciting – going monthly – and a tremendous decision that I’m sure didn’t happen over just one cup of coffee...

Corbett Cosmetic Open House

On Oct. 18, Corbett Cosmetic hosted a fall festival open house for friends and clients of the medical spa.