Prestigious Properties

An Exhibition of Design & Tradition

When the 41st Annual Old Louisville Holiday Home Tour launches the first weekend of December, attendees will be treated to an extra...

Kid-Friendly Design

When she was a child, Summer Eliason’s room in her father’s historic home bloomed with pink and green floral chintz.

A “Magical” House

Becky Terry was cocooned in a bubble of good karma when she made the decision to sell her house and move to...

Stylish Hospitality

Norton Commons is the ideal neighborhood for Jae and Dave Neuman.

Accessories of All Kinds

What’s the deal with accessories? They deliver a whopper of sizzling style or they turn your house into a disaster zone that...

Ma Maison De Rȇve

Sitting on four beautiful acres in the Woodstone neighborhood, you can find Karen and Paul Casi’s dream-come-true home.

Design Trends: Love Them or Leave Them

Maxed out traditional décor isn’t being relegated to the history books of design, but its stronghold on interior design is waning, even...