Home of the Week

At Home With Kimberly Rice

Kimberly Rice is known for her giving spirit and works with several nonprofits within our community.

The Artful Nature of Home

Interior design is intoxicating with its unique power to reflect personality in the elements of place while always keeping architecture within the...

At Home with Scott Reed

A walk through history is the best way to describe Scott Reed’s home, which was built in the 1970s and reflects the...

Something New

Merridian Home Furnishings brings worldly taste to the 502

At Home With Autumn Cleveland

As a professional bodybuilder, Autumn Cleveland is mostly known for her expertise in fitness and nutrition.

At Home with Emily Ridings

Vogue Magazine recently named Emily Ridings as one of the “Five Names to Know” from the Pratt Institute of New York’s 2018...

At Home with Joe Goodwin

Joe Goodwin is a photographer, Air Force veteran and African art collector.

Homearama Highlights 2018

Homearama returns July 14-29 with a showcase of some of the finest custom-built homes in our community.