Health & Wellness

A Swift Rejuvenation

Picking out the perfect hat and outfit for Derby is a high priority for many this time of year, but it’s important...

A Passport to Health

A creeping darkness has entered the heart of Louisville. Not a day goes by without news of another drug overdose (or several);...

Low Impact, High Results

After suffering a running injury in January, I’ve been more than ready recently to dive back into effective, diverse physical exercise.

The Making of Athletes

I’m greeted by Tony Duckwall, co-owner of Edge Sports Performance, on a cold March morning outside King Louie’s Sports Complex in Middletown.

Making Over Mommy

Unquestionably, pregnancy is a beautiful thing.

Go Play at The J

With nearly 100 different classes and activities a week, The J, also known as the Jewish Community Center, plays a vital role...

A New Rhythm for Wellness

A drum is easy to beat. That’s part of the reason why therapeutic group drumming is hard to beat.