Health & Wellness

Avoid the Dad Bod

Even though Father’s Day is known for its saucy ribs, beer and macaroni and cheese, it’s still smack-dab in the midst of...

The Southern Yogi

For most of her adult life, Morgan Haley had been holding her breath.

Where the Wildflowers Are

Forty-five minutes outside of Louisville, in the aptly named Mt. Eden, sits 90-acres of bliss known as Black Rooster Farm.

Pedal into Adventure

Bicycle riding is known as a great form of exercise, but most cyclists agree that riding in a park or around one’s...

Going the Distance

While the entire city is buzzing with the excitement of Derby, many are preparing for an entirely different race.

Down the Stretch

Hunter S. Thompson famously labeled the Kentucky Derby as both “decadent and depraved.”

A Swift Rejuvenation

Picking out the perfect hat and outfit for Derby is a high priority for many this time of year, but it’s important...

A Passport to Health

A creeping darkness has entered the heart of Louisville. Not a day goes by without news of another drug overdose (or several);...

Low Impact, High Results

After suffering a running injury in January, I’ve been more than ready recently to dive back into effective, diverse physical exercise.