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Matched Up

Rally78, created by Ellen Stubbs, has been described as a kind of Tinder for tennis – minus the romantic component. “You do...

Golf: Technique or Strength?

I arrived in Lexington almost six years ago and was greeted by my oldest brother at the airport with a birthday gift...

Exercising While Expecting

Your back is aching, your ankles are swelling and you’re having some trouble sleeping.

Losing Weight Through Surgery

Baptist Health offers three surgical procedures to lessen appetites and decrease the amount of food absorbed. But it’s not a simple fix....

RéVive and Renew

Dr. Gregory Bays Brown doesn’t mince words: “Unlike surgery or injections, skincare is not a quick fix.”

The Runner’s High

I’m sure many would agree with me that the hardest part of working out is not the actual workout; it is simply...

A Dynamic Duo

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and the first Monday of the month is known as Melanoma Awareness Day.

Jockey Fit

Donna Barton Brothers won more than 1,100 horse races in her time as a jockey, and she comes from a family of...