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State of the Art

Handicrafts, collaborations and celebrations

Creative Sparks

It’s undeniable that a foundation in the arts builds leaders who guide with integrity, creativity and enthusiasm.

State of the Art

Natural landscapes, familiar faces, Kentucky pride and a taste of consumerism

Plays Well with Others

It’s time once again to mark your calendars for the orchestra’s season premiere – but, not that orchestra – instead, we mean...


For more than 30 years, Zoom Group has been inspiring people of all abilities to pursue their passions.

State of the Art

Local, Southern and European Inspirations

Fire and Ice….and Bourbon

Louisville-based textile artist MJ Kinman knows diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Self Discovery in NYC

When you have an experience that touches your heart and soul, meet people who inspire and accept you, and get to live...

A Whole New World

The exotic and lavish Disney’s “Aladdin” flies into the Kentucky Center for the Arts on its magic carpet Oct. 10-21 for a...