A 21st Century Home with Style


Photos by Ryan Noltemeyer.

When Bill and Mary Jane Roby bought their Hurstborne home seven years ago, it was already two decades old. Although the three-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath abode had a charming brick veneer exterior, the interior needed a modern makeover. “I just wanted to update the house,” Mary Jane says. “It was outdated and old.”

vt_linnstationhouse_20161101_58Though the couple considered a few other competitors for the job, Brandon Bailey of Bailey Remodeling & Construction got the gig. “The reputation of his company is that they’re reliable, honest, professional and clean,” Bill says. “All of the things that you would want.” He adds that unlike some of the other construction companies in the area, Bailey provided HEPA filters to control dust during the remodeling process. “We’d done smaller construction projects before,” Bill explains. “We always had a problem with dust.”

For this venture, the Robys got some planning help from Town & Country Homecenter in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Once their ideas were put on paper and Bailey and his team were on board, they began the eight-week remodeling project to bring the family room, kitchen and master bath from the 1980s to 2016. “It had the typical features of an ’80s house,” Bailey says. “It was switched to a more transitional style.”

To bring said transitional look into the family room, Bailey took apart and redid the entire staircase. “It was really challenging,” he says. “It looked like someone who had no experience had built it.” Today, its wooden columns have a traditional feel, while metal railings give it a modern twist. “It dressed up the family room,” Mary Jane says. “Well, the whole house, really.”

vt_linnstationhouse_20161101_3In the master bath, Bailey removed the too-small shower, marble countertops and the ceramic tile flooring. The new space boasts a modern porcelain tub, Florentine Carrara glazed porcelain tile, as well as Cambria Quartz countertops. “The bathroom now has a great, serene, spa-like feeling,” Bailey says. “It’ll be a more functional space for them for many more years to come.”

Functionality in the heart of the Roby home also increased significantly. “It has a much more well-thought-out layout,” Bailey says. In addition to modernized cabinetry and an improved layout, an island was added and the old appliances were replaced with new ones from Bonnycastle Appliance & TV. The hardwood flooring was also updated, thanks to Sam Kinnaird’s Flooring in Shelbyville. “It’s exciting to walk into a beautiful kitchen,” Bill says. “I love the island,” Mary Jane adds. “It’s big and long and just fabulous.”

vt_linnstationhouse_20161101_95While there were a lot of changes going on during the two-month remodel, the Robys were away on trips for much of the time – and they had absolutely no qualms about leaving their home under the care of Bailey and his team. “Our project manager was here every day at exactly 8 a.m.,” Mary Jane says. “We were very comfortable leaving our house in his hands.” Bill adds, “Not only are he and his direct employees very professional and respectful but every single one of his sub-contractors are respectful and considerate. We didn’t have an electrician, a plumber – anyone – that we didn’t trust.”

The Robys, who are both 69 years old, add that Bailey’s online posts allowed them to easily check on the status of the project. “The younger generation uses technology,” Bill says. “Web updates told us what went on, what would go on the next day and exactly who was going to be there.” Bailey also included photos to accompany the daily summaries. “Brandon was just so cute and wonderful!” Mary Jane exclaims. “I felt like he was my child. He just wants to make you happy.”

It certainly seems as though Bailey did just that. “This job went very smoothly,” Bill says. “They found a water pipe that had to be diverted, but that was nothing. There were no glitches.” Before the project began, he recalls, “They said, ‘When we’re done, we want you styling. If you’re not styling, we didn’t do the job right.’” When it was all over, both Bill and Mary Jane agreed that Bailey did, in fact, get the job done right. Bills affirms, “Now, we are styling!” VT

Photos by Ryan Noltemeyer.