The Outlaw Roadshow


Summer is the time to kick back, get outside, take a little drive, and see a great band (or four!)

This past Monday I had the pleasure of seeing “The Outlaw Roadshow” at the Iroquois Amphitheater. Headlined by Counting Crows, the tour also features Filligar, Foreign Fields, and Good Old War. It was such a fun show, all the bands really connected with the audience, the temperamental Louisville weather was nice for once, and everyone got out of their seat to dance at some point or another, and even the “non-dancers” were compelled to move around a little bit!

For most of the concerts that I’ve been to, the crowd comes to see the headlining group and one or two opening bands kick off the show. The crowd enjoys it, but then maybe forgets what their name was by the time the main band comes on. Or perhaps the bands are all on the same label, and thrown together haphazardly by executive managers.

Not at this show! Adam Duritz, the lead singer of Counting Crows, invited the bands to join him on tour because (guess what?) he likes them! In fact, he came out to do a heartfelt introduction before each group played. And not only that, after Counting Crows finished, everyone came back on stage for an encore. You could see how much fun they were having touring together, like a big happy family.

In fact, I came to the show to see Filligar, a quartet from Chicago with a rich southern-rock sound. If you like My Morning Jacket or The Black Keys, I recommend you check out their music. The first time I saw them play was last year in the tiny Cat’s Den at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, and although it was a small show it was easy to see that these talented guys were on their way to becoming a household name. And then this time, hearing them fill the whole park with their bluesy rock sound cemented my allegiance. Not only are they super talented, they’re really nice guys who are cool to talk to after the show. I can assuredly say Filligar is on my list of “bands you should check out”.

The Outlaw Roadshow is traveling around the country now, but they’re not too far away. It would definitely make a good excuse for that summer road trip you’ve been talking about. For more information about the tour click here  !

If you’re not already familiar with Counting Crows, click here to listen to “Hanginaround” and “Colorblind”.

“Robbery (Shocking Love)”  and “Guilty Good Intentions” from Filligar.

Names And Races” from Foreign Fields.

Coney Island” from Good Old War.