Rihanna…from pop princess to the coolest girl in music and fashion

Perhaps I’m slow to the punch, but I never really recognized how purely #awesome (as in, totally hashtag-worthy) Rihanna is.

this is what we call #swag

I’m not someone who necessarily keeps up with pop music these days, but now the pop super star is making me reconsider my opinion.

Like any good pop star, Rihanna has tried out quite a few different looks. The Barbados cutie who rose to fame in 2005 for her catchy beats and unique voice has become quite the style chameleon, both in her music and in fashion.

Nowadays you’ll hear her electronic-heavy beats blasting in the clubs. Her genre-bending songs appeal to a wide group of people. After finally listening to her newest album “Talk That Talk” I was impressed to hear her sample The XX (one of my favorite bands in recent years) on her track “Drunk On Love”. Other jems from the album include the hugely popular “We Found Love”, as well as the saucy “Birthday Cake” and the gritty “Roc Me Out”.

On the style front, Rihanna has been grabbing headlines with fashion that blends the line between high-fashion and the coolest of street style. Already the face of Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani Underwear, she has transformed over the years from beach-chic in cropped tops and flowy skirts with natural hair to haute couture and bright red locks to now, what I like to call, “grunge-glam”. I’m simply loving (and envious) of her curly bleached-blonde bob with bangs, not to mention the way her rock-solid body showed off that curve-hugging Armani dress at The 2012 Grammy Awards.

Of course, by the time I’m finished writing this Rihanna will have probably transformed into a new butterfly, and I’m #okwiththat.